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10 Top Tips for creating your Business Video
With the advent of cheaper and cheaper video cameras many business owners are wondering if it is worth filming their own promotional video. The cost of technology has certainly made making your own business video more accessible, but there's more to making an effective video than just pointing and shooting.

So, to get you started, here are our 10 top tips for both planning, filming, editing and promoting your video...

1. Start with the end
2. Become a story teller
3. Think about your location
4. What you hear is as important as what you see
5. Get a good tripod and use it where needed
6. Can the camera see what you see?
7. Think about composition
8. Don't overdose on transitions
9. Practice makes perfect!
10. Promote your video - in the right places...

To read the full article explaining the tips above in more detail, click here:

#promotionalvideo   #videomarketing   #videoproduction  
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Thank you +Melinda Samson :)
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Time to be mobile friendly
Did you know that visitors to your site are far more likely to visit via mobile phone or tablets than using a traditional computer. Mobiles and tablets have smaller screens than computers and laptops therefore some websites are harder to read or use as text can be very small and buttons hard to navigate. Responsive Design however uses different techniques to ensure your website is user friendly. 

Having a mobile-friendly website is even more important since November last year. Google have added a new feature onto their mobile device search results that shows people searching which websites are mobile-friendly for their device. 

Google have criteria that each site has to match to be mobile-friendly. For example, text must be readable without zooming and links must be placed far enough apart so the correct link can be tapped.  You can test your site’s pages to see if they are mobile friendly using Google’s free tool:
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We recently found that 30% of our traffic comes from mobile, and this number is only going to get bigger. We are currently working to make it even more mobile friendly ready for the google changes to its algarhythm 
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Youtube for Kids 
Youtube have teamed up with NSPCC and created an app for children, with videos that are suitable for children and parents can also monitor how much they can watch.
We think this is a great idea as it keeps parents minds at ease that their children are safer online.
However its a shame its only going onto android services, hopefully they will change this in the upcoming months.
Do you think this app is a good idea?
The Google-owned company is preparing to launch a separate YouTube app that will be focused on children and is being billed as a safer way to use YouTube.
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Great idea - not used it yet.  Will see once it has been used.
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Cracking Media

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Check out +Matthew Lambley's new website for Morvern guest house!
Wimborne Minster
One of the most historic buildings in Dorset, the Minster dates, in parts, back 1300 years and is mainly Norman. Famously it has a "chained library" and an astronomical clock. When I was little I always liked to see the "quarterjack" come out of the main tower when the astronomical clock chimed. The unusual colouring in the stone is a mixture of Dorset and New Forest stone and shows up well at night. In many ways the best view of the Minster's two towers is from the other town side of the Minster but there was so much street lighting when I took this that I took it in the dark on the other darker side.

#dorset   #church   #nightphotography   #photography  
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"1 in 20 Google searches are for health related information"
Google bringing in a new health feature that gives information about illnesses such as the common cold, flu or tonsillitis. However this could increase people self diagnosis, do you think this is a good idea?
Google begins providing doctor-checked medical guidance - including illustrations and possible treatments - alongside its search results.
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This dosn't surprise me at all. My wife is a culprit off this and she is a nurse also. If she is ever ill she will be on Google trying to self diagnose and yes +Becky Vale-Bayliss  the "Brain Tumour" came up. When really it cam e down to her not drinking enough fluids and that i why she was getting bad headaches lol. 
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Have them in circles
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Tablet sales are falling 
Tablets do everything that todays modern phones can do so why have 2 devices? Do you think that tablets will stay as popular in the upcoming year?
Ahead of the start of Mobile World Congress, experts propose a variety of reasons why consumers are not buying tablets in the numbers once expected.
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I love my tablet but since getting my Samsung Galaxy S4 I use it very little. My phone seems to be quicker and more convenient, although the smaller screen does nothing for my eyesight :-/
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Now this is quite cool
Ikea's new phone charging furniture....sounds great but will it work? When this is released we are definitely going to have to check this out...are chargers going to be a thing of the past...who knows...
Furniture giant Ikea has unveiled a range of furniture fitted with wireless charging spots for mobile devices.
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The amount of chargers I have lying around the house is unbelievable. Wireless charging will be welcomed in my house but probably not IKEA furniture as they have a tendency to wobble and break easily.
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Is the clock ticking on making your site mobile-friendly?
The term mobile-friendly has been banded around for quite a while now, but what does it mean and why - following an announcement that Google made on 26 February - is having a mobile-friendly site going to be even more important for marketing your business online?

#mobilefriendly   #searchmarketing   #mobilemarketing  
Now it's become even more important for your site to be mobile-friendly. Details: Written by Peter Lunn. Mobile-friendly tagging in mobile search results The term mobile-friendly has been banded around for quite a while now, but what does it mean and why, following an announcement that Google ...
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Cracking Media

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Google+ training this morning at Urban Reef restaurant and what a great turn out too! 
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We really enjoyed the training today and it was great to meet the Cracking Media team.
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Please read and help a community radio to stay!

As some of you may know, I have recently become involved with my local community radio station Chorley FM and in doing so I have come to learn more about the work of the station and how it does to support the local community.  I have been so impressed with the people and work of the station that I have agreed to volunteer my services and help the management to develop this fantastic community service. However, Chorley FM is under threat! Please read on ....

The station is a not for profit organisation that is staffed and managed entirely by volunteers. They do a fabulous job and cater for all sectors of the community including fantastic support for charity and community groups in the area. The station also caters for just about every musical taste from Country & Western to Thrash Metal and everything in between. The business community is also catered for and the business lunch interviews really help to bridge the gap between the business community and the wider community in Chorley. 

But there is a problem. When the station first applied for a broadcast licence, (following, in my opinion, misguided advice) it listed it's key commitments to be to the 16- 24 age bracket and the LGBT community. These communities have always been specifically catered for by Chorley FM but over the past few years the programming has evolved to serve the needs of the community of Chorley as a whole and programming for youth and LGBT has been included within the wider range of content rather than being the primary focus.

The upshot is that, as the programming and content does not focus primarily on the 16-24 age group and the LGBT community, the station has been found by Ofcom to be in breach of it's licence conditions and key commitments.  Following discussions, Ofcom has agreed that it would be sensible for the station's key licence commitments to be changed to allow Chorley FM to serve the community as a whole - including, but not primarily limited to, the 16-24 age group and the LGBT community. Unfortunately, Ofcom cannot grant the proposed changes to the broadcasting licence without a public consultation.

As a personal favour to me (not to mention the people of Chorley) I am asking for your help by taking two minutes to respond to that Ofcom consultation

You can respond very quickly and easily by using the link below and using the quick and easy form to submit your answer to the consultation question: Should Chorley FM be permitted to make its proposed changes to the key commitments of Chorley FM

I would be very grateful if you could answer this question with a big fat YES and maybe state that you agree that a local community radio station ought to be allowed to produce content that supports the needs of the local community as a whole

The consultation period ends at 5pm on Wednesday so I would ask you to please submit a response as soon as you can!

I will just mention that the YES responses are extremely important because, sadly, there is a group of meddlers who, because of personal issues and arguments, have taken it upon themselves to sabotage the consultation by rallying their troops for a No vote. (despite the fact that they represent neither the 16-24 age group or the LGBT community)

It would be an absolute travesty if a wonderful community radio station, that works so hard for the local community, is forced to cease broadcasting because of the bureaucratic meddling of people who should, frankly, know better.

Apologies for the very long post but this is something that I feel very strongly about and I really want Chorley FM to be able to continue to support all sections of our community and to continue the brilliant work that it does.

To everyone who responds to the consultation: THANK YOU!!

P.S. If you feel able to re-share this post for me too I would be VERY grateful!

#Community   #Radio  
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Thank you +Cracking Media - much appreciated :-)
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Keyword research in 90 minutes?!
Such a good post, keyword research can be long winded but with this you can achieve some very good results in a reasonable amount of time!
Using a hypothetical client, Jeremy Gottlieb shows you just how much keyword research you can get done in 90 minutes (and walks you step-by-step through how to do it).
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It is getting late in the day, but that all looks like a hell of a lot of information to take in.
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How responsive is your website? 
I am currently writing a blog about responsive design as I feel so many companies still don't know what it is and its such an easy change that can improve your website massively. This link has taught me a lot about responsive design and definitely worth a read! - Becky 
Want to learn responsive web design? These articles, books, courses, podcasts, and more will get you started.
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Terrific share +Cracking Media! 
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Vanda North's profile photo
Vanda North
in the last week
Peter and his team shared loads of information about Google+ and encouraged us to get involved - I have taken his advice and am working through my notes - watch this space! Thanks you for a very enjoyable and worthwhile morning.
Led-Zip Lighting's profile photo
Led-Zip Lighting
a month ago
Cracking Media produced a series of professional promotional videos for our YouTube channel and for use on our website, detailing our products and services. They were a pleasure to work with and we would thoroughly recommend them to any business that wants to attract the right customers to their website!
Matthew Lambley's profile photo
Matthew Lambley
4 weeks ago
Many thanks to Peter Lunn and his team at Cracking Media for redesigning my website in such a quick, efficient and painless manner.
Kyla Rogers's profile photo
Kyla Rogers
8 months ago
Working with Cracking Media has developed Hunter Urology’s brand and has increased sales. They are efficient, effective and approachable. A great company to work with!