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20 January 2017 NICE Guidance & updated Quality Standard on Diabetic Foot Problems HCUK Clare #CPD #London
This conference focuses on improving practice in the prevention and management of diabetic foot problems including implementing the 2015 updated NICE guideline and Quality Standard as well as the implementation of the May 2016 operational framework to improve care for patients with diabetic foot disease.
18 January 2017 Equality and Discrimination Abbey HR Services #CPD #Rugby
This training demonstrates the responsibilities of line managers with a focus on employee relationships in line with ever changing legislation. This training provides delegates with the knowledge to work within the law and to make the most of their people and business opportunities. Agenda includes: the nine areas of possible discrimination and understanding the risks involved in some of the decisions you make as a manager.
18th January 2017 The Future of Cyber Security Show #DepartmentforEvents #CPD Hilton Deansgate
The global enterprise security market is worth tens of billions each year and security spending is on the increase. Many organisations lack the skills necessary to identify and implement appropriate levels of security controls. Join us to look at what the cyber risks are and understand how you can protect yourselves. Network with other delegates including cyber security and risk management professionals and explore how you can work in partnership...
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16 January 2017 Controlled Drugs: Safe Use / Prescribing and Management HCUK Clare #CPD #London
This conference focuses on the safe use as well as prescribing and management of controlled drugs including implementing the 2016 NICE guidance on the safe use and management of controlled drugs. NICE stated that the new guidance will help health and social care professionals negotiate complex legislation and regulations to ensure they are doing all they can to care for patients being treated with controlled drugs.
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18 January 2017 Time management for administrators The Centre #CPD #London
Our Time management training courses for administrators look at what time management means and explores the key tools for managing our time. Participants are encouraged to keep a diary for a short period before the course and we will use this to analyse strengths and weaknesses. There are a range of practical tips; tools and techniques to help delegates prioritise and use time effectively as well as managing paperwork and the workstation.
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17 January Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation in Education Conference #DepartmentforEvents #CPD #Manchester
This conference offers delegates the perfect opportunity to investigate the best ways of tackling extremism in education throughout the UK.
16-17 January 2017 Moving up in management The Centre #CPD #London
Often managers are in post for some years without having any management training. They function well enough in role and yet they may feel they have missed out on the opportunity to learn and develop new skills; and on some of the practical hints and tips around people management that would make things run more smoothly.
16 January 2017 Safeguarding Children & Young Adults: Level 3 HCUK Clare #CPD #London
The trsining is interactive and aims to highlight the key principles of safeguarding children and young people with a view to embedding best practice in safeguarding in accordance with the core UK legislative framework and guidance.
The CPD Certification Service is the leading organisation operating across all sectors to provide independent CPD accreditation for professional bodies and academic institutions.

Society is developing in an era of rapid technological developments, fast-changing consumer needs and continuously adapting working environment.

More people are aware of the importance of professional training, and the need to enhance skills to stay effective in the workplace.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the commitment to lifelong learning, a skill that is invaluable to all people across every segment of society.

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