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Back in fall, we promised to make the Couchsurfing website more stable and more reliable. Over the past few month, we've been doing just that: make the site more stable, more reliable and more fun for you!

Thank you all for your tremendous patience and support. Every day, we are inspired by our awesome community to push harder, improve the site and keep going to new and interesting places.

Read more on our blog:
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Huge improvement since fall!! Still some work to do but you are getting there!! Thank you!
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How do you travel?
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Traveling brings u to a point where understanding creation becomes easier for living
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Couchsurfing staff member Martina recounts her recent San Francisco adventures with Couchsurfers and why she loves hosting travelers.

Read all about it on our Staff in the Wild blog!
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Couchsurfer and photographer Gabriele Galimberti spent two years in 58 different countries and took more than 100 portraits of Couchsurfers. Find your favorite photo!

Congratulations on being featured in National Geographic, Gabriele.
"I arrived in Reykjavik on a Saturday, at one o’clock in the morning. In one of the emails we had exchanged to decide where and when to meet, Berglind had sent me a map with some directions to reac...
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Ok, I will! :-)
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With song recommendations from Couchsurfers we compiled a playlist of awesome tracks to listen to while "Walking through the City"!

Take a listen while you explore your home or wander in a new place you're visiting.
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Are you a band who has gone Couchsurfing while on tour or have you hosted a traveling artist or musician?

We would love to hear all about it!  Let us know here

Picture features "The Family Crest" who played at our offices for International Couchsurfing Day (June 12)  last year. 
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My boyfriend and I travelled from Scotland to Germany and back in a van with all my bands instruments. We couchsurfed all the way there and back and left a cd with everyone ! Wonderful experience! Unfortunately, the rest of the band (of 25 members) flew and met us there for the festival we were playing at. I don't think there are many hosts houses big enough to host us all!!!
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"I couldn’t have asked for better surfers!" -Staff member Kate hosted two amazing Couchsurfers. 

Read her recap of the experience on our blog!
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i am thankful i discover couchsurfing :) makes my life more fun! :)
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Photographer Dustin Cantrell takes portraits of Couchsurfers like the one below.

See more portraits on!

Kimi Levoe
Ukiah, CA

Why do you have a couch surfing profile?

"I have a couchsurfing profile because I want to have faith in people. There is so much good in this world and in its citizens and often times I feel like people have a tendency to get scared and forget that."
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Can you imagine travelling the world without hearing anything?

Couchsurfer Jenny Lu can. Jenny is deaf and uses Couchsurfing as an opportunity to learn different sign languages. She has just set out on a 5 month trip through Africa and Europe.  

Follow her blog for travel impressions and beautiful photos here:
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hi . i whant  travel . help me
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"There is nothing more heartwarming than witnessing the kindness of a complete stranger." -Couchsurfer Justin 

Justin's host drew directions on the sidewalk using chalk to make it easier for her guests to find her place.  Read more in "How Couchsurfing Restored My Faith in Humanity"!
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I agree you should post it. +Ryan Kube. Forewarning the community levels up the safety and security of travelers.
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