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Lady Gaga has been in the news recently talking to Prince William about her Mental Health . The two have been discussing the importance of talking about Mental Health Problems and sharing experiences.
She also touched on the subject of PTSD.

I welcome the publicity they have shone on this very serious problem and also applaud Prince William on launching his new Charity Heads Together. It aims to support Young People struggling with their Mental Health.

The thing is PTSD is a lot more common than most would think and not limited to those in the Serving Forces as is often the misconception.....
PTSD affects people from all walks of life and is often over looked or misunderstood.....

Integral Eye Movement Therapy allows you to rid yourself of the Flashbacks that underpin the PTSD and also eliminates the triggers that automatically cause the Flashbacks.

The beauty of IEMT is that there is no need to re live the traumatic event , we are able to work totally content free.

Working together we literally re wire your brain so you free yourself of the unwanted thoughts and behaviour.

The changes happen quickly too. In my experience a change is made within one to two sessions.

To find out more on IEMT visit ;

I have been hearing quite a few of my clients say to me lately I will be happy when......Ive lost a stone, moved house , got a new job etc...................................... Are you pushing your dreams in a wheelbarrow ? In other words they are in front of you but out of reach !
Often people think they need to have one thing or other before they can be happy or to have achieved something BEFORE being happy , but the thing is our minds like familiarity so practice being happy now ! Make it a familiar feeling !
Celebrate your achievements, be thankful for what you have, fully commit to being happy right now.
How does happiness feel to you ?
What do you look like when you are happy ?
What are you doing that makes you happy ?
Who are you with ?
Think about what you can do RIGHT NOW to increase your happiness today and into the future ! 

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I had a really interesting chat with a client this morning who told me that whilst she runs ( which she does to keep her weight in check ) she tells herself how Fat and Useless she is !!..    
This got me thinking about what us NLP folk call The Focus Creation Cycle.  
Ultimately WHAT you focus on the MOST becomes your reality......
A bit like when you lose your keys in the morning and you race around the house saying to yourself I cant find my keys !  I am going to be late!
Your brain goes OK Boss, you cant find your keys !!.... 
If you go away and do something else for a second, chances are you remember where they are !   
SO.....I asked this client of mine how useful her thinking was and she told me it wasn't and what is more she isn't losing any weight !! 
That's because all her attention and energy is going into telling herself how Fat and Useless she is !...she is creating her own reality.....her focus is on Fat and Useless so that's what she is getting ! 
She is self sabotaging....her inner voice is an inner Critic rather than an Inner Coach....
We have all been there I am sure at one time or know what though, its easy to flip it round so that your Critic becomes your Coach.
You start to focus on  the things you WANT rather than DON'T WANT and before you know it Wham! you are getting results,  you are living the life you want. 
NLP techniques that teach you how to focus on Wants rather than Don't Wants are easy to learn and create instant change so why not give me a call if this has hit a nerve with you.
Remember what you focus on the most becomes your reality.  
Ask yourself how much time you spend focusing on wants or is it a case of moaning about all the stuff that's going wrong and how rubbish life is ??   ...
           What does YOUR Focus Creation Cycle look like?                                                 

I am hearing a lot about exam nerves and anxious young people heading into their exams at the moment....Did you know that there are a lot of NLP techniques that will help get rid of the nerves and build confidence ? they are easy to learn too and very easy to apply.... 
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