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Image Comics Fans Rejoice! Upgrade to The Image 3.1 iOS App today!
Image Comics iOS App Upgrades from 2.0 to 3.1. Posted on May 29th, 2012 - 11:26 AM by ChipMosher. For Immediate Release: Image Comics iOS App Powered by ComiXology Upgrades from 2.0 to 3.1. Featuring ...
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There is one thing I never understood: users have the option to install the +comiXology app which has all the comics from all publishers... why would they prefer to use one that only has those of one particular publisher? What are the perks?
This is very strange, indeed. Maybe for marketing purposes?!
+Martin John but you can just use search, can't you. Also, every publisher has good content every once in a while. I don't know, the only reason I can think of to use one of these apps is that someone hates a publisher with such a passion that even seeing its covers disturbs them.
I bought an Android tablet just to get back into comics again. The Comixology app is wonderful stuffs! :) I agree with +David Prieto , but i guess it makes sense from a greedy marketing perspective ^^ And I bet there a lot of people who don't even know there is one app to rule them all. #comixology
+comiXology +Marvel - Quick question: Can we change the location where the digital comics are saved? My tablet is loading up fast, I would like to move my digital comics to my MicroSD Card instead and have them load there by default!
Got my answer from nice support person on twitter. Not happy about answer since I read & collect, so I need to select storage location and upgrade from time to time or else I will run out of Tablet space within 1 year.
+David Prieto the reason is "Free" books and promo stuff. Take +Marvel they offer digital comics with many titles. You go to , create an account , redeem your comic , download from the Marvel app to your phone or tablet. I am pretty sure that you cannot download these "redeemed" comics on the +comiXology app. Some can correct me if I am wrong.
Are they all run by Comixology? If I buy from one app will it be available in the Comixology app? Are the catalogs more fleshed out in the publisher specific apps?
I was wrong in my initial post, seems like the Marvel app does not share username and password or account like the DC app does with the main Comixology app & website. But i hear ( check link for info) Comixology support team are very nice and helpful in this regard and can supposedly link the marvel and Comixology accounts. And that is awesome in my book :)
No Image app scheduled on Android?
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