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We've got something of a caption contest going on today!

Leave us a caption for the photo** below then check out what happens next in Batman #16...

**No animals were hurt during the making of this comic
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Letif B
Batman: I thought Ghost Rider rode a motor cycle
looks like a bad case of saddle burn.
Arkham Asylum: Come 'cause you're crazy. Stay for Self-Barbecuing Horseflesh Steak Night.
Holy nightmare Robin
I said when pigs fly not when horses fry!!!
"That's going to be hard to brush out" or "The Bat-computer says a burning horse smells like ass"
When did the human torch come to DC as a horse?
"Robin!  Add PETA to the spam mail list"
Never ask Joker, 'What's your favorite Mel Brooks movie?'
"Woooah Horsey!  There'll be plenty of time to play with matches later!"
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