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"This head belonged to Timmy, Timmy is now a fuzz!!!"
- Dr.No

The Limited Edition SkullFuzz from @drnoeffects has made it's way to American shores! About as unique a fuzz pedal as you have ever seen, and the eyes are the knobs! Hand crafted by the good Doctor in Einhoven, NLD. 

Shop Dr.No:

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The BroadHead Drive from Warrior Effects is a harmonically rich medium-gain 2 mode overdrive. 

Choose between a vintage style drive or something tighter and more compressed via the toggle switch. Features an active Bass & Treble EQ allowing you to really dial things in to your personal sweat spot.

Shop Warrior Effects:

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Post has attachment Black Friday Sale:

15% off store wide with code SAVE15
20% off JHS with code JHS20
20% off Matthews Effects with code ME20
20% off Emerson Custom with code EMER20
and a huge 25% off Keeley with code KEELEY25

All US orders include free priority mail shipping, 25$ flat rate for international.

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The Bitmap from Red Panda. Adds the warmth and grit of classic 8 and 12-bit samplers, while going down to 1-bit resolution for square wave fuzz and dying battery sounds.

The Bitmap is tuned to provide maximum sustain without sputtering on staccato notes. Sample rate reduction turns your guitar into 8-bit video game sounds or twists scales into inharmonic melodies. Adds subtle motion or morph your guitar into entirely new textures. 

Shop Red Panda Bitmap:

#redpanda #bitmap #bitcrusher #coastsonic #ILF #ilovefuzz

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Expand your sonic horizons with new Interstellar Orbiter from EarthQuaker Devices - It's an all analog dual resonant filter, true bypass and hand made one at a time, part by part, knob by knob, wire by damn wire in the fiery town of Akron, Ohio and features artwork drawn by Kid Koala.

Interstellar Orbiter link:

#earthquakerdevices #eqd #interstellarorbiter #kidkoala #coastsonic #freeyourtone

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The Z.Vex Effects Fuzz Factory 7 featuring two rare 1956 Amperex black glass transistors and a 9 position rotary sub switch allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of low end or thin it right down. The ultimate Fuzz Factory.

Shop Zvex Effects:

#zvex #zvexeffects #fuzzfactory #boxofrock #lofijunky #fuzzpedals #handpaintedpedals #effectspedals #freeyourtone #coastsonic #guitarpedals #fxpedals

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The latest creation from Wren and Cuff has just landed; The Suppa Phat Phuk germanium/jfet hybrid boost! 

They took their beloved Phat Phuk single knob boost and added some new sonic territories via two new knobs - bias and phatness.  The Bias knob allows you to dial in the right amount of grit by controlling the voltage feed to the germanium transistor. The Phatness knob brings you from thick rich low end right through to the classic treble boost germanium tons of vintage classics.

Built with that Wren and Cuff attention to detail we know and love.

Shop Wren and Cuff:

#wrenandcuff #phatphuk #suppaphatphuk #germanium #coastsonic

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The Raster from Red Panda is a digital delay with a built in pitch shifter that effects the feedback loop. Heavily controllable, it delivers a wide range of sounds including harmonized delays, reverse delays, chorus, arpeggios, infinite descents, chaotic self-oscillation, and continuously evolving soundscapes.

Use it to add subtle character or go full-on experimental and cross the border into pure sonic mayhem.

Hand made in Detroit.

Shop Red Panda:

#redpanda #redpandalab #redpandaeffects #coastsonic 

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Fuzz and overdrives are the main staples in our diet around here and this is one drive that's been getting a lot of use lately:
The Symphonic Transmission by Symphonic Devices is an original circuit with a very distinct character. Symphonic Devices is the sister brand to Hungry Robot Pedals and no stranger to quality and innovative tones. This, their first release upholds that tradition in a stellar way.

Symphonic Transmission:

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We got a fresh supply of Daredevil Pedals​ late last week including the new Northern Creeper Fuzz! The other new release in that batch was this Almighty Bass drive - a completely original circuit that packs a wide range of tones. Warm rich drive tones right out to raunchy fuzzed out goodness.Hand made in Chicago.

Shop Daredevil:

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