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Leander Paes decides to back out of Olympics.
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what happen to them.. They were wasteing an golden opportunity to win a medal.
he should participate with junior player and put his best effort to won a medal. That will clear where he stands to the B's...
That was a better decision, u cant compromise everytime......... moreover it is the rulebreakers who wins, unfortunate from the part of AITA 
Mr.Ray talent must be revealed at time like this.. Of course he is in good form.
Gentle pronouncement as gentleman!!!
what happen to our team.I feel exactly they will make our country as ------------
the word sportive has no meaning for egoistic players,they play for country,so must honour country's pride first-fights next-dr.gj
if they are so egoist govt must ignore both,it will be lesson for future heroes
AITA is irresponsible body without no pragmatic thoughts, asks two unwilling players who have not practiced together in the past one year to pair & play for Olympics.  This is absurd. Paes attitude as a veteran player is also condemnable.  Such players should be shown their place & made to know that the game is bigger than individuals.
you are very true sridhar,peas in spite of his preavious head injury is so optimistic,very sad. bupathi must never be sent for international sports,peas  had no other go as even bopanna&bupathi prevented his AITA is boneless
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