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How do you rate the Samsung Galaxy S III?
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Bhart sarkar ko chahiye ki aakash tab ke badle samsung galaxy s iii batna
not cool as iphone '5'..!!   :p
Its a good phone....but if u can adjust with size-Samsung Galaxy Note is better option.The specs are some what same and comes cheaper too compared to S3
+Rishabh-processor is 1.4 Ghz in both the phones.Camera is the same except 2 mp secondary camera on note.About connectivity i guess S3 supports 4G while note doesnt.Well i feel 38,000 is costly for this phone.HTC one X is much better-the only let down is battery backup.
Gorgeous phone!!! Could have been better without TouchWiz - I hate some icons.
Apart from its size all other features are designed for normal human needs..
i use it ,, and i am loving it :)
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