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Live: Kejriwal seeks support for a corruption-free India
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Let's fight it out this time. Interesting to see role of Media this time. It looks like Congress party managed English Media very well this time. Let us see for how long they can afford to stay away from reality.
We must support them if we want to eradicate corruption from our country at some level but at the same time we should also vote and select the candidates in next election with clear image and who want to serve for the country and not for money.
This should be every common man's movement. Jai Hind !!!!
The momentum created by Anna has died down after controversy in between the members and perhaps lack of coordination as well as poor management.
They r Just attracting the people, nothing else than that,
better 2 support Narendra Modi. who is able to solve  all the issues that this guys r repeating every time. 
4 that one needs 2 come to Gujarat. 
The most developing and perhaps most powerful state in india.
No doubt Narendra Modi is a great leader but we as a common man also needs to send a strong message to political community that we will not tolerate corruption at any sort in this country. And i think these guys are doing great job.
ok but whenever its like it going, now issue is on the way, Government is trapped, they just change their track in Golden mean. 
Mr.Amarjeet ,Please do not use slang anguages in social net work and be polite as a educated man.
sab kuch hoga mr.. amarjeet singh 
janlokpal bill bhi pass hoga or desh ka loota hua paisa bhi vapas aayega
i am fully support my ANNA....
There is no one who do not support the cause but the recent tug of war in between members has some what created a doubt in the minds of people.
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