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Diesel price hike likely in two months: C Rangarajan

To add to the woes of the common man who is already reeling under rising prices and blinding inflation, the government has pitched in with a diesel price hike that is likely to come into effect in two months. 
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What to comment against such a non-emotional and unworhy , shameless government, who inspite of several protests in the past didn't pay the least attention and kept fulfilling the agreement with America in keeping the Doller rates high in Bharat and keep bringing  the Rupee down to Earth . no matter how much the Crude Oil rates go down in the International market but it should keep rising in Bharat to keep the Corporate Empire and America smiling .
friends i want to tell u one interesting thing that these oil company calculate the price of refined oil by assuming that v wont have any refinery or in other word if v will import refined oil then v have to pay the amount which v r paying presently.
after 1.86 lakhs crore coal gate scam they want make burden on common man......
after hearing this news...
some people likely to die in two months :-D..
Fuck off 
Has this congress, since 1947 to date, when ever it came in ruling done anyother victorious job except hiking prices? The day they will change their attitude it is a fact that the intruder sitting as their "chair person" will no longer  be seen in Bharat.
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