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Should Apple make an iPad Pro?
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The weirdest thing about tech blogs is how unabashed they are about writing articles with no actual information in them.
ehhh not really a need.

actually i take that back, IF they can get the right software (apps) then there could be a need. 
Yeah.  Make it.  And charge $2000 for it.  For the 16GB WiFi version.  Because it says Pro.
200 million workers to line up to buy Windows tablet?

Hahaha. First I want to see this happening. We have seen predictions fail before.
I have long thought that hardware, price and specs will eventually get to a place where there is a lap-top dock type iPad/iMac combo.  Apple may not want to admit it yet, but i definitely see them getting there.  iOS is practically OSX already.
They have to try and replace their desktops somehow.  snicker :)
I just don't understand why apple just can't figga out new design improvements to their ipads.......ipad2, 3 & 4 all look the same......and they say they are innovators....soo ironic
MAX-IPAD LOL!  except that doesn't really stop the bleeding for it only contains it.  
Ipad i-shmad. How about a Nexus Pro?! :)
Anh Le
I hope so.
Croft W
Running Mac os? Useless
Nexus 10 pro running full Linux the ultimate computer 
Isn't an iPad pro a Mac book air 11" with 4gb ram 128gb sad?
Nope, this is pitiful. This is apple stretching Steve Jobs's ideas until it is idiotic
It will end up costing more than the windows pro tablet!
Only if it means the regular iPad and mini drop in price structure 
+Hassan Ali Raza
 yea..ios may fit for mobile fones.. but wen it cums to tablets its a crap.....surface pro is a minilaptop with pc os windows 8
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