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Dell's Project Ophelia is a sub $100 dongle that gives any TV or monitor full PC functions:
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Why is this news?  Because +Dell started making one?  These devices have been around for years.
Too expensive. Buy 1 on ebay (Allwinner) for £60. Does the same job - and has a USB port!
Yeah, the name is crude but the results are awesome.
Sadly, the term 'dongle' has evolved to apply to any device that adds functionality to a computer, TV, etc.

Originally it was a term only used to describe a 'hardware licence key' - a serial or USB device without which a piece of software on the computer will not work.
This IS news to me because Dell is a brand with reputation, unlike those Android sticks made by some Chinese companies you've never heard of and probably would never be updated. At least with Dell when your device gives you troubles you know where you should go to.
Yes, but the average person probably hasn't heard of the others. Dell can market this and give access to more people. If only it could somehow enable connecting a web cam. I think a lot more people would use video chat if they could do it from their TV's.
ummm......... doesn't this already exist in the form of a hundred different Chinese android sticks? If not, then the one I have on my TV right now must be a mirage...... Not news, just a big brand name releasing what already exists in the supply chain. 
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