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Could Dell's sub-$100 Project Ophelia mean the end of laptops?
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Well guess they had to think of something seeming their pc business ain't doing all that good!
It's kind of interesting to see major manufacturers (Dell with Ophelia and Samsung with their Android media player) starting to make what have been until now niche products coming out of Shenzen (like the MK802 mini android PC stick and the mele 1000 Android media player).
PREDICTION: If the deal to take Dell private with MS cash goes through this will never see the light of day.
I tried an MK809 and it was a disaster, but the concept it's very good. Just waiting for the correct execution by a respectable company. I am waiting for it's release.
A very interesting device. How soon it will be available?
If they pack it with suitable keyboard and mouse, I would buy it for that price. This is already sold as "pack" from chinese companies in eBay at similar prices...
Only the computer... nope.
+Peter Doesburg Don't forget Canonical's plans for Android and Ubuntu Touch devices to be able to run full Ubuntu when plugged into  a screen, keyboard, and mouse.
They have these $59 and you get a full on android PC. They have been around for years.
Okay, replace a laptop?  Dunno about that -- but I'm thinking that it a way to cut cable, right?
The very-low-power angle (for places with unreliable or no grid power) is practically erased by the power needs of the needed screen, right?
+David Wagner - I'm a big fan of Roku, too -- but I was thinking that this gizmo might compliment the Roku for things not shown on Roku channels.  Like NCIS, for example.
This device has a different use case. Let's say you roll up in a hotel with this device and a wireless touch K400 from logitech. If you had VDI or RDP using a reverse prixy you coukd plug this into any TV that supports MHL and have an impressive experience. You could loan these out when laptops are being repaired with low risk of transient being lost if you lose the device.
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