Shared publicly  - is out of its preview stage and Microsoft will start phasing out Hotmail:
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I dont want an address thank you, I want to keep my hotmail as it is. Oh, i forgot, I dont count do I! I am just a user, silly me. Just as well I have Google to rely on.
It's a free service that everyone was given FOR FREE. If they want to change it and updated they can do it. Change is good. No need to be afraid of it.
It's about time MS cleaned up their mail act.

It's like 10-15 years too late though.
Can't log into outlook right now.  Yet never had an issue with Gmail after almost 10 years...I think I'll stick with the best thank you!
Gmail has been rock solid. I shall stick with the best.
If anyone from Microsoft is listening then they should know that I, and many like me, will be phasing out our Hotmail addresses once you've shut MSN Messenger down. I've had a Hotmail account since 1996!

I don't want Skype. I'm hoping that Google Talk gets an upgrade so that it can soak up more of MSNs features.

Losing Hotmail will just be another way that Microsoft are losing me. I've already moved from Outlook to Thunderbird and from Office to Libre Office. I dumped Internet Explorer years ago and I have an Android in my pocket rather than a Windows Mobile, Windows Phone or whatever they call it.

Microsoft - I'm slipping through your fingers! My next operating system upgrade will probably be from Windows 7 to a Linux variant that maintains the desktop/WIMP interface rather than Metro. You're going to lose me forever. 
Wow... A little brie with that whine? 
well , this new outshit is look very very similar to new Google interface which was released year ago , if I'm not mistaken . 
Msoft is always copying and playing catch-up to Google but it's too little too late.
Will they proof-read my e-mail like Gmail? I like the suggestions of products they provide based on my e-mail content 
I added my gmail account to my outlook 2010, works great best of both.
Can anything suck more than GMAIL? No drag and drop, no right click functionality, crappy 1970 format, half the functionality is always under the lab tab... And why is the reply and forward nearly hidden? And why can't I delete an email by hitting the delete key like I can on every email client in the universe. is decades ahead of dinosaur gmail.
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