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The new +Google+ for Android is here! What do you think?
The photo-first look brings new polish to the Google+ app for Google's mobile OS. You also can start hangouts from Android devices. But it still needs improvement. Read this blog post by Stephen Shank...
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I've heard some bitching and moaning but you can't please everybody all the time. I love it.
Love the layout...loads much faster for me.
The app is horrendous looking.
I like it too but I'm seeing a ton of complaints even from the people who complained about it not being available before the iOS app was released.
I don't like it when there's white text in front of a white background, and it's still not possible to join public Hangouts from mobile :(
Is nice but I think it could be better
It looks like a photo viewer rather than an extension of the Google+ desktop experience. At first I was excited about the redesign of Google+ for Android after seeing how slick it looked on iOS devices but now that it's here and I'm faced with using it every day the functionality of the design leaves a lot to be desired. Way to much space is dedicated to displaying images and we're only allowed to read the first sentence of any given post. Not exactly the best practice for a social networking application.
I LOVE IT The new UI is visually stimulating; this will help push a mainstream feel to Non-Google+ users

The next step should give mobile users access to the EDIT PHOTO option i.e desktop vers. This will put #instagram to shame, Google had it first.
It now has the WOW factor but I think it has lost some of it's practicality. The main feeds look very busy now. I wish you can change the font size.
+CNET : hated it first time when i opened it .... but its awesome when i see the performance n the layout... its bit freaky cuz its its far different from the old versions :) :)
This app bloody sucks. A lot of big pictures and can't read stuff properly.
My only complaint is now you have to Seagull in to the post to read more of the post
i guess google wanted to recreate the ios experience over here. i've used both and compared to the ios version, this one clearly, quite clearly sucks.
Compaired to the ios version... Android users got hosed. What we got was a Frankenstein version of old and new. Where's the dropdown circles menu? New profile pages?
I've lost so much respect for Google. How can you not support your own user base first? Thank you Google for putting the idea in my head that ios is better than android... I'll be switching shortly.
first impression: I liked the old interface better. felt nice and clean. I could see this looking better on a tablet though
+William Basart a good point. but i guess from google's perspective, it could be argued that because there's so much fragmentation on android (for which only google is responsible), they couldnt achieve the same level of UI responsiveness and elegance as the ios version.
This is the WORST update I have ever seen on Android. I hate whining but they totally blew it this time. I used to log in once a day from my phone but now my eyes hurt. I just see pictures and the text is irrelevant to them.
+Arnab Das I'm not buying that. If they can add the side tray.... They can add the dropdown circles menu. And they can definitely add the new profile look.
+William Basart very very true. although, that would depend on a lot of things to be fair. in its current form, the android version has zero (absolutely zero infact) in-app animations and therefore is less processor (and power) intensive. on the ios version, there is a certain 'swooping in' effect when new posts are loaded, and i am sorely missing that on android. having said that, imagine someone running a google plus app on a phone with a "sub-par" processor, say a 600mhz one, basically a phone which is a couple of years old. for that person, simply being able to run the app is a lot. and there are quite a few people in that situation. i guess therefore google is trying to appease all users irrespective of their devices, which is a good thing, but yes, a terrible insult to those having phones with dual core or even quad core processors. imo they should have an HD version of the app for users with more recent devices.
Dan O
Seems kinda slow to me. Also, does anyone know what this app does (if anything) to the data download consumption?
great overhaul and great app from G on this one. big fan so far
Interesting UI - LOVE the App, it far outdoes anything FB has ever done in mobile. The look of it is very different from the online G+ which is a strange disparity but I can get over that. Love G+!
Needs cleaning up. The colors on my Nexus S are totally unbalanced and the pictures pixilated. Ugh

+Arnab Das I see the swooping effect. But I wish the pictures were HD. The iOS version is so much better.
It's nice. It actually runs faster than I expected too.
I like it. But form follows function and +Jason Howell has shone the light on some bugs the new visual layout can produce.
its full of shit bcz the Android version is not as smooth as the ios version which is pissing me off being that its a Google app. I have a 1X and an iPhone 4S and its just fucking crazy to me how a Google all runs better on a none Google OS! This is bullshit to me and truly tired of it!
Its an improvement but the font color blends in with the thumbnail at times.
Looks great! Love the changes to allow new to start hangouts from the phone.
It's awesome...that's what i wanted! If only facebook had similar design and such a RELIABLE MESSAGING/notifications ,it would be just awesome :)
Just start using g+. Love what they have done here. Wish more people and orgs would use it though.
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