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Third-party apps and Web sites can now incorporate a Google+ sign-on service:
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I can deal with anything that comes my way. (chant)
It's about time, I rather see a +1 then that stupid bird everywhere.  
Nice new function for +Google+ please keep growing and amaze us
It's not a bad thing necessarily.
Facebook login becomes even when it's the only option to login.
That's understandable because of his ray out is to down hundreds of people quickly if you 're a company ours website with Facebook.
Customizing security settings and enabling 2-step authorization is definitely a plus
I would rather see OpenID instead of Twitter, FaceBook, or Google+, but I will also admit that OpenID has not caught on the way it should have. I am much happier to have Google+ as an option over facebook as a sign-in option.
No thank you I prefer not to spam everybody in my circles
Great, when can we get an app that cross posts to Google+ Twitter and Facebook?
+Clinton Hegney there already are several applications that do just that. Think Social Media Marketing and you get the picture. Look at the offering from ExactTarget for instance.
Is there a mobile app like tweet deck though?
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