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The Google Chromebook Pixel is real. It's high-end. It's Touch. It's shipping in early April. And there's more:
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They had me interested until I saw the price. 
Price tag is too much. Specially when you can't play games on it 
the price is a deal breaker for me too but it certainly has its niche
It's nice but that price is a bit high for what is basically a netbook.
Way to expensive. Over double the price of current chrome books. 
Looks great, would love to have one but that price, for something I couldn't run Photoshop on so wouldn't really be able to utilise that screen to it's full penitential. I couldn't justify it.
+Chris Johnson The concept of combining a Chrome OS netbook and "Power users" is something of an oxymoron. Chrome OS is nice but it isn't something for power users.
LOL @ people complaining about price.  "It's twice the price of a netbook" is like saying a Dodge Viper is twice the size of a Kia.  Quality of materials, ridiculous resolution, most pixels per inch of any laptop out there, touch screen, full LTE 4G, 3 microphone noise cancellation, alluminum construction, high end processor, and 1 Teryabyte of Drive storage for 3 years ($1800 for that alone) - you get what you pay for.
+Daniel Rivera Let's see old processor, no HDMI, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, only 5 hours of battery life. You can't be serious. The only high end thing about it is the display. If Apple releases a MacBook Air with retina display & it's close in price you'd be stupid to buy this. Plus it's already proven that the retina displays choke while browsing the web with Intel's current on board graphics. 
If you take out the display the price would drop considerably.  This isn't alienware but it's an analogy.   Regular pc is to alienware as chromebook is to pixel.  Surely you see the comparison.  The point is that you are getting a decent amount of bang here if you look at all the specs and features (like 1TB Drive space).  That's all I'm going to say, as this is starting to become a debate, and Interwebs Debates are just troll fests where no one changes their minds.
+Daniel Rivera I might have been out of the loop on Chrome OS for awhile but last time I looked Chrome wanted all apps to be web apps and the storage to be web based storage... so what exactly does a large hard drive or fast processor have to do with it? Seems to me that the only real things that a Chromebook has to think of is display resolution and network connection speed...
+Timothy Collins Good question.  The 1TB drive is a cloud-based drive.  Lots of apps now write directly to Google Drive, like WeVideo for example. 
Problem is the UK price isn't relative to the US price. And very little 4G over here. Won't be available initially.
Shouldn't "thee keyboard" be thy keyboard? Or is it thine? I should ask someone from Appalachia.. 
+Daniel Rivera I'm not trolling; I'm a big chromebook fan. But 1 TB only sounds good until you consider how much you will have to pony up if you want to still be able to access it in three years. So, either you don't take advantage of that space, in which case it may as well not exist, or you pay through the nose to keep it. 3 years is too short. A $1300 laptop isn't what I consider disposable. I still think I'd rather have my content stored locally than rent access to it for $400/yr. And, yes, you can (if you live in KC) download it all to your macbook in three years instead. But then, why not just skip it and get the macbook now? I'm not sure I see the selling point for this device... 
I don't think they intend to sell many. They know they will take a loss on the project. They know Apple is probably close to producing a touch laptop, which will far outsell it. This is all about saying "We did beautiful, high resolution, touchscreen laptops first. Apple, quit copying us." That, and it is a flagship. An example of chromebook greatness to rally the troops. 
I don't intend to buy it as it's out of my price range.  So are BMW's and most Apple products to be honest.  North Face is out of my budget too, but I don't say, "Not worth the money" or "too expensive" because I personally won't buy it.  I think it's a pretty good deal for what you get.  As far as the online storage, the sheer functionality of the storage is pretty good, even if you eventually reduce your space.  Three years of free service, even if it's expensive, is still good.  If you got 3 years of 1st class seating you wouldn't turn it down saying, "yeah but what will I do in 3 years?  Useless."

Here's a novel concept:  if you can't personally use it, it doesn't mean the product is useless.  
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