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Ubuntu OS smartphones will hit stores in October:
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Just in case RIM had a tiinnnyyy foothold left, Ubuntu will hit the market.  
Lo vi, aparte del Firefox OS...y de Samsung por libre, mas competencia
Ubuntu & Android will take the smartphone world by storm.

icrap who, lol. 
I thought I heard the CEO of Canonical saying that you could install Ubuntu for Phones on any device with the right spec, just like you can with Desktop Ubuntu. So, we have an answer +Pawel Orzechowski and +Don Felipe !
Nobody that is remotely intelligent will buy this. They will release it with no marketplace. No apps whatsoever! BB10 could at least get 70000 at launch... That is gonna be a huge flop.
+Steve Garon You understand what "native apps" means, right?  Ubuntu had a place you could go to download curated apps years before Mac did.  And now they can run on a phone. I like it.  I'm not gonna rush out and buy one, but I'd love to play with one.  Linux on a phone is an awesome idea.  If it runs native apps, you are literally putting your whole computer in your pocket.
Yay! I'm excited to try it!
I believe this may hurt Android more than Apple - as they may both appeal to the same audience. 
+Duane Donovan there is absolutely not incentive on using Ubuntu phone platform. Android has already proven itself for both lower and higher end devices. Plus it comes with tons of content. Content is everything. Remember the first iPhone, it sucked before the app store arrived.

+Jay Morgan there is absolutely no reasons to run native apps if their interface is not optimize for mobile. Android is already running Linux so there is nothing new here. FYI, your already running a full computer in your pocket, it's just a different interface ;-)

What Ubuntu should have done is release a skin on top of android that loads Ubuntu when you plug it to a docking station. That way, it would already been released and they would taken advantage of the Android ecosystem. But even that would have been a risky move since Motorola tried it already with their Astrix and it was a total flop.
I guess we'll see. People have been wrong before. Canonical has already experimented with what you are talking about; this is the next step. But I try not to speak in absolutes 8 whole months before a technology launches. Seems like a good way to eat one's words. Although I guess you can assume no one on G+ will remember what you said in 8 months, or tomorrow, right? I have used my phone to remote to my computer to run apps or access content my phone didn't have. I guess there is no reason to do that either. And Apple fans are fond of saying there is absolutely no reason to have a SD card or removable battery, or 5" screen. Ok, whatever... 
Can't wait, a little bit tired of Android... Just a little bit. 
It definitely seems it will lure users away from Android more than any other platform. But in the larger scheme of things this doesn't have to hurt Android, per se. Android (AOSP anyway) is open-source. So is Ubuntu. I can see this making both platforms better. Already we are seeing WINE getting ready to launch on Android. I'm sure Canonical is benefiting a lot from Android, and Google and other devs will borrow some good ideas and code from Canonical. The fact that it is all Linux should be a tremendous boon to development. I can see a lot of cross-pollination taking place if this Canonical initiative has any success at all, which will be great for the users! 
I love my Android
Samsung Gs3
I've had IPhone and
really liked it to
My droid is my Pc
+ phone all in
my lil hand ;-)
I s it me, or does it look like the Nexus 4.
Tablet with desktop docking station. That is all.
Would be hilarious if Ubuntu starting suing android. ^_^
It wont take longer after release so devs start porting the OS to other phones, then all can try it ...
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