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President Barack Obama is holding a fireside chat on Google+ today at 1:50pm PT:
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Will he be ignoring all black issues like he's done the rest of his Presidency?
+Steve Broome since the issues have to receive enough votes to be considered, I seriously doubt there will be any mention of any close. Eradication of the penny was third if I remember correctly.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
Like howhe always does these little things. And embrasing new technologies is something to be looked on in a noble manner.
All I want to know is when Obummer is going to resign in disgrace, and end up in a third floor walk up flat in lower Chicago.
Mr. President,
   What will you and Eric Holder do to stop the flow of guns to Mexico...oh wait...
Can people stop with all the false memes and Obama Derangement Syndrome? We get it. You people hate him and have become so delusional about it by making up stories about your misunderstanding of some gun program that Bush started. Your mission is accomplished.
Wow someone is drinking the kool-aid.  When in doubt, blame Bush.
Wow, someone doesn't read enough. Look up who started that gun program you guys are crying about. Kool Aid? I just live in reality.
Sorry no time to read propaganda, I'm off to read Game of Thrones  :-)
Plenty of knowledge, just learned not to waste it arguing with liberals.  Have a nice day.
If you Americans are lucky, he might explain his communist agenda. 
+Keith Williams Have you done any research at all? Have you heard of something called Obamacare? Yes? How about NHS? Has it occurred to you the Obama wants healthcare to be like the NHS? Maybe you should look up the NHS. The British National Health Services is a communist healthcare system. It has denied patients simply because they are too old to be a bother or because it will be too expensive for them. Some of their patients have even died because of it and the majority have become extremely sick. Communism? No, it can't be... America will never be communist, it's impossible. This is the reasoning of just about every average liberal American who does no research and actually deep down inside is a communist... Maybe Obama should cut spending... has that occurred to you? I'm sorry, America isn't capitalistic any more  it's a cesspool of liberal, communistic idiots. Go watch the video "Agenda" before getting back to me and then we'll talk. Like +Tirrell Cotton said, we shouldn't waste time debating with liberals... 
+Keith Williams with all the pandering Obama has done for other special interest groups, what do you think Obama has done for blacks in any significant capacity after they voted for him at a nearly 100% rate in both elections? He's bent over backwards for homosexuals and women, his two biggest donation bases. They even got shout outs in his inauguration speech.
"Name one "communist" thing he's done."

He signed a bill authorizing indefinite detention, something I consider extremely anti-American and very reasonable to describe as communist since it ignores due process just on the basis of suspicion.
+Keith Williams "The rich aren't paying their fair share of taxes." What is that but communism? The rich pay more than the poor, are you kidding me? Even we in Canada are more capitalistic when it comes to taxes, at least we're on a flat rate. Go look at China's taxes and get back to me. 
+Samuel Neumann Sorry to break it to you, that's not communism. Communism is more draconian than that. The state owns and controls everything with Communism. I guess you missed that part. And why do I need to look at China? We're not China and many people in this country wouldn't want to live with dirty air, unclean water and labor practices out of the 18th century. That's all you got? That was weak.
+Keith Williams Look at China because that is where you're going. If you'd look at your tax system's reforms and then at China's, you'd see that they are close to identical. Taxing the rich higher than the poor. Have you heard of gradual incrementalism? Hmm... I guess not. So all you did in your response was say that my argument was weak but you couldn't prove it and take me out of context when I told you to look at China... Do you honestly think that one day you're going to wake up and America is going to be a communist utopia? Really? I'm baffled at how irrational the left is. You don't think that maybe after say ten or so years America will gradually become communistic? No, it can't be, it has to be overnight. One day I'm just gonna wake up and America is going to be a communist Republic. Open your eyes!

Plus the NHS is socialistic and that is exactly what Obama is trying to follow with Obamacare. What you said about that was weak. 
+Steve Broome
To both of your points. In terns of African Americans, name one thing he could do to help African Americans? I hear this argument all the time but people like you never have an answer. All you guys to is complain. To your indefinite detentions point, the last I checked, we're still in a war. Since that war hasn't ended, and the proper rules of war state that we can detain people suspected of siding with our enemies, those detentions are lawful. That's not Communism either. Do I wish to see them tried in court? Absolutely.
The United States of America becomes more socialist and fascist by the day. Your rights are stripped under the guise of security constantly.

Golden rule still applies. Men with the gold make the rules.
+Samuel Neumann You made horrible point on China. It's a different system that is galaxies apart on law and governance. They are not comparable at all. And your point was weak on this. It's amazing that the right has moved into delusional tin foil hat territory regarding this country. The right is no longer about ideas but conspiracy theories and fear. Sad. Hold up? Black Liberation Theology? From the looks of what you said, you don't know what you're talking about. Aside from that, what policy has he done that reflects this?
+Keith Williams  Can you not make on solid argument? All your doing is attacking me, and not even arguing. How about I do the same eh? Will we even be able to have a debate if all I say is "You made this horrible point and that's not capitalism and you don't know what your talking about and blah blah blah blah blah!" I guess this is what I get for debating with leftists. I'm done here.

If Obama is so capitalistic, why did he have a close relationship with the "Anti-Capitalist" group ACORN, huh?

And if you're interested in actually doing research and being able to debate with us, maybe you should research our point of view first. To say I don't know what I'm talking about is a complete lie as I have done tons of studying on the subject. More than you, I'm sure. 

And if you're interested in learning how to debate properly (other than attacking people and their arguments and actually being sane and coming up with your own arguments that are true), I'm sure there are tons of things online to help you on your journey... just Google it. 

Oh, and why is China not comparable? Because their Asian? Are they in a different galaxy? Are they still humans? Fine, if you don't want to compare them, look at Sweden, a place that Obama loves. He's even said it. Anyone with half a brain will be able to see how horrible Sweden is. 

If you're saying that Obama's church doesn't hold to Liberation Theology, you've clearly done absolutely no research on the subject. 
+Robert Martin Socialized medicine is socialism, but leftists refuse to see it that way for some reason... funny eh? Isn't it right in the name?

Our Canadian socialist medicine system is crazy. Two to three weeks average to get in to see a doctor for just a check-up! Does this guy honestly want to become like us? Really?

So don't be amazed if Keith says "That's not socialism," because that's all he has said this entire time. 
"And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy to people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiments as a way to explain their frustrations" - Barack Obama

Karl Marx famously claimed that religion was an opiate of the masses. He was explaining his view that the wealthy bourgeoise cynically used religion as a device to keep the poor, simple proletariat happy in their misery and squalor so they would find it immoral to rise up and overthrow their capitalists oppressors

Political discussions, the kind at Occidental had once seemed so intense and purposeful, came to take on the flavor of the socialist conferences I sometimes attended at Cooper Union" - Barack Obama (Dreams of My Father)

Nothing more to say here... 
Apparently studying socialism makes you a socialist now...
Guys I know people run to the gun issue when talking about Obama, but could someone give me an example of one of Obama's gun control reforms he has enacted?
I'd like to ask the President why, if God protects America, why do we need a military? If I'm praying to the wrong God tell me which one doesn't need money and is better at protecting us so I'll pray to that one and we can bring our troops home.
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