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If you're sick of trekking to the coffee machine every time you want a fresh mugful, Qualcomm's concept Wi-Fi coffee machine may be right up your alley.
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I could use one. The endless treks to the kitchen to switch the kettle on and wait are killing me!
Now all we need is a robot to fill it with water and coffee lol
Layne, those details are long established. We have machine here that is connected to water system and takes on demand as needed.

As to filling coffee, I am sure that someone can come up with an automatic load and empty function that only needs to be filled once a week or month.
Eric no doubt there. But still be fun to have a little robot around to do some tasks lol
+Layne Newton  you should look at what Toyota is doing in that area. If they get much better you will not need the wifi feature as the robot will do it all, including checking if it is ready.
Now that's Wot im talking about...... 
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