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Live long and prosper with this Vulcan iPhone case:
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whats with the fake Revo sunglass image?
Spock is too logical and intelligent to use an Apple iPhone. I'm sure he would want to and need to modify his phone to do what the greater good of the many requires, or the captain needs. He would not do what the Romulan's want him to do.
So you can make phone calls on the iPhone... who knew?
[nerdvoice] I think some Borg cybernetics would be more appropriate. [/nerdvoice]
the effect of cell phone addiction, the mutation of the ears
Waiting for the Ferenge model
How weird would that look using it on the wrong ear..
if apple and mac users couldnt get any more socially outcasted and nerdy
Pfft.. Nerds are the new jocks, dude.
"nerds are the new jocks"... muwhahahahah... denial and delusion at its best.
+Herns capwa I heard they will cut right to the chase and make a phone with the caption "dont have sex with me" to just keep it simple and direct... that's basically what this phone is saying.
Nerds don't use iPhones, iSheep do. What's techy about a device you can't modify to suit your needs.
iPhone is just too small, even the back can't cover a normal sized ear... this guy had to cut the back of his ear, just like required to insert a SIM card in iPhone
oh hell no...L..O...L
its a substandard product, just like the iPad, iPod, etc. But their marketing strategy is brilliant... they can definitely persuade the weak and lonely to think they are joining some sort of collective and have external validation... have to admit, their marketing is lightyears better than their products.
I like where someone said "the iPhone is just too small"... funny, that's a similar statement by women about guys who have iPhones.
No. If I see anyone using this case I will spread lies about him to his friends and family
wow!! that is dumb! Who would spend hard earned $$ on this??
*cough cough cougaygh eh eh emmmm
LOL... Soon after the Affordable Healthcare Act was passed, someone is trying to pass off a cellphone cover as a prosthetic ear! :)
that fine idc i dont care i dont even own a smartphone
Now if the hair was blonde and they said this was Link's ear, then this Nintendo phone case then the Nintendo fans would eat this up
  Hey Tom you might get some unwanted action near your face lol!!  Just kidding...
This is just as retarded as the rabbit phone covers with actual ears! Nah, it's pretty cool, I'm just black and sad this would prove most irrelevant lol.
Looks good for big bang theory bunch
yahhh,...its really cool... your phone have a cover like that..
lol looks like legolas' ear (Lord Of The Rings)
is that the guy from star treks ear?
Q Bick
Q Bick
Q Bick
That's an awesome iPhone case 
umm no he's holdin it the right way
+Miguel Silva I'm not major fan of the space drama, but you have to at least give it those deserving brownie points on the creativity alone! 
Why make it for the iPhone? It's not the logical choice.
Bit of a gyp. The Romulan iPhone case looks exactly the same.
What, he can't MindMeld with the phone?
Holy crap I thought that was real.
Cool, but do they come in a darker skin tone?....I'm black.
What a GREAT idea! (Not necessarily a Vulcan ear, cool in it's own right, but any ear.
How do you say Very cool in Vulcan?... I know there is someone on plus that can tell me +George Takei is +Leonard nimoy on + Google?
and there are plenty of trekkers on here that can tell me off the top of their head
Do they have a black guy version? LOL
If I'm not mistaken, it looks like he's got a death grip on that.
Mike V
Best iPhone case ever!
Now anyone can become life's dream is a reality!!
Does it come in cauliflower ear?
That is a cool phone case if that's what it is 
Lukin so funny hahahahaha :D
That's cool for the guy who has that exact complexion.  I thought it was see through at first glance.
i got one and i love it it looks so cool on my phone
To cool I'm a Star Trek fan!!! 
I want one just so I can hold it in that incredibly awkward talking position. 
It must really look funny when you switch sides.
there making a new  i pod 5 generation it is thiner and hafe a inch bigger
Hi tech, hi trick, flucking buyers and big money, goddamn good idea.
how about on the left?
D Bhatt
But hair colour change.
"Why, you green-blooded, pointy-eared ..."

"Doctor McCoy. I believe the proper expression is 'stick it in your ear.'"
Yes. Buy one of those and use it.
hahaha thot it was real at first...;]
You have to hold the phone like a ratard to look cool. At some point the badassness level crosses the idiot level. See: Crazy-Hot Scale as reference.
now i can drive and talk they wont
You mean I have to buy two iPhones?  Do they have to pay royalties to Paramount for that?
Thinking that this is a transparent mobile. but OK cool
make mine with a ear plug specker opear cam.n.voice i approaches. what's in hansed a present ?
I would LOVE THAT and my friend is a geek of star trek
People still have iphones? You learn something new everyday!
I like cnet. Ive been able to download music videos from YouTube for years thanks to them. 
seriously people  pay for that
CNET=if the phone is real and ready for sale?how much and how can we get it here in Nigeria? me back
I want one with collie flower ear.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I'm too lazy to look to make sure someone said:

stupidest thing I ever seen ... In any case, who ever holds their phone like that!
Looks so reel but its not!
lol fail the dude doesn't have black hair oran elf ear
It's a new generation
yeaaaaah .... no thanx lol
Jeremy - That's the first thought I had when I saw it.
+halladewizy u can say dat again.
Infact a hornry ear.the girls will love sucking that,,ooh yeah
ahh..i cant use it..the ear is so WEIRD....
From were i can get this funny thing?
I like Vulcans, some of my best friends ar Vulcans, but this is just wrong, and in so many ways
nice iphone cover,also tells us always lisson right things.
this is so cool. how did u do that.u look like elf!
wow... oh my Gosh is this real, "technology" i must say, I love it, i wonder how much it is...
Except you have to hold your phone like a douche for anyone to even notice the effect. Oh wait, that's the way you have to hold the iPhone 4 to get a signal anyway. Silly me.
I hate it its so silly
I think Apple are not only thinkers of innovation, they are real speed
innovate developers too...
Is this supost to help fool "people" while driving
Wonderful and 2 Much Nice .............
whats with the elf ear
So beautiful....send mi an iphon with it tat cover....
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