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Do violent video games lead to violent behavior?
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It's the other way around. People with violent tendencies might steer toward violent games, causing others to believe those violent games "made" those people violent.
Yes because an opinion poll is of course fact. Roll eyes
So? 65 percent of republicans think Acorn stole the election for Obama. Americans are a bit stupid.
actually playing video games and killing people/animals/creatures helps me not want to do it in real life.
Jason P
My cousin played violent video games his whole life and has only killed like two people
So, violent games make people violent. That is like violent TV makes them violent. I guess those adults shouldn't buy those games for their kids or leave them unattended in front of the TV for hours which is more likely to cause them to develop anti-social tendencies and agressive behavior. Whoops, there I go addressing the real issue again. Sorry.
no.. This is ridiculous as most other countries have all the same games and not even the close to the same amount of violence that the U.S. has. 
NO NO NO Ignorant people just trying to shift the blame away from parents. Korea's video game usage dwarfs that of the U.S. and they don't seem to have an issue.
Everyone's so quick to run off the tired cliche of, "guns don't kill people, people do", yet at the same time, blaming video games for turning apparently docile creatures into murderers.
Lol, you guys have no idea how violent people get once they get sent to jail. Thankfully I've always been able to pay the $50 fee to get out.
That same 58% are probably terrible parents
58 percent of parents are like mine? I fear for humanity...
58 percent of adults are also idiots. Blaming video games for violent behavior is like blaming Hot Wheels for car accidents.
No of course not. The problem is the person themselve. Regardless of what movies they watch, music they listen to, or video games they play, or what life they have had, good or bad, is all up the them. They CHOSE to do the actions they do. Idc what influenced them, they chose to do whatever they do, whatever the circumstance might be. They influenced themselfs.
I play violent video games and I didn't go on a shooting spree or hurt innocent people! I'm in the medical field as well....
Jason P
It's funny because about five of you have said 58% of adults are idiots, so by that math 3 of you are idiots so who is it?
So what about before video games? I've played violent games my whole life and never felt inclined to commit violence. These people that murder etc. already have it in them and they just happen to play video games just like millions of other people. It's like blaming music because of lyrics or eating meat because the animals are slaughtered. It's just idiotic and ignorant. people have always been psycho it's nothing new. But war is OK right?! Come on!
People have the right to choose to play violent games. If people want to blame access to video games on violence then they should blame the parents who provide access to the games to their kids.
Think this such a worthless waste of resource violent video games leading kids to go on a killing spree and the parent not checking if their kid needs help instead of just going directly to the game...
What was the age range of these adults? They had to be at least older than 40. There is something else going on in these mass killers head's. Sure if you play some violent video games, say for 2 days straight, then I can see some violent actions especially when jacked up on mtn dew. The issue there is the loss of sleep, the first day will be managable with minor irritations. Delirium will soon follow sometines noticeable first day but more on the second; your brain starts playing tricks on you, you see things that arent there especially in peripheral vision. This is just my opinion, more needs to be looked at than just the act of playing a game. Through sleep deprivation the mind grows sluggish and weak letting down it's walls of defense this in turn leads me to believe that maybe there is a little brainwashing going on effecting those weak minded individuals. There are probably other factors like eating habits and environmental elements that also play into it.

What is really probably going on here is that the video game industry doesnt supply politicians with money like BIG Oil or Tobacco. Maybe they think ~hay if we go in and try to get some kind of ban maybe we can get some kickbacks to turn our heads.
Just sayin
It takes a village to raise a child, not a unfettered access to media. Parents have the right to raise bad kids but should understand the responsibility and challenge of raising good ones. Try focusing on legislating good parenting.
Wow, loads of good points, all I came up with was something that was supposedly ‘witty'.
Brilliant marketing scheme: give released convicts $50 Xbox or PlayStation gift certificates to get them (re)hooked.
So they are blaming video games for problems that existed before video games?
If violent video games make people commit acts of violence then why don't sports games make me a pro athlete and racing games make me a Indy 500 driver! Parents/ adults need to exercise some common sense and logic!
Excuse me for wanting to cool down after a tough day with some video games. This opinion poll is just showing that adults and people in general don't want to really think through what makes someone violent. 
Dear god, really. Don't blame worthless parents
Violence in media doesn't make a person who was otherwise completely mentally healthy suddenly violent and insane. It can take someone who was on the brink and stimulate them in a way that makes them act out their aggression. That's hardly the fault of the games themselves or the developers. Mentally ill people exist, and they have always existed and they have always been capable of violence. It's not some new phenomenon spurred on by video games. 
Their defense is in the increased numbers of incidents. Counter argument the increasing numbers in population.
If video games had the ability to make otherwise peaceable young men turn violent, why aren't more, otherwise sedentary, folk being inspired to dig up their yards and plant gardens filled with veggies, flowers, and grains?  With all the people playing Farmville and Farm Town, there should be a noticeable trend by now.
They blame video games for violence, but see nothing wrong with movies like Expendables and Django. Heck, the killer for Colorado based his action off of the Joker from The Dark Knight. These casual and non-gaming adults need to take another look. They be the very ones the won't buy their child Mortal Kombat, but will take them to the movies to see The Man With The Iron Fist.
I guess I have became one of the world's most violent person due to 20 years of gaming :)
Forget games and videos. News and real life examples are a plenty, and they also feature evil folks benefiting from violence, whereas fictitious bad guys do get what they deserve quite often.
Yes because before video games there was no violence! /s
Knowledge is power, and 58% of adults need more education. 
The poll also revealed that 58% of "adults" don't play games.
This makes me mad ( probably because of all those "violent video games :p)
Few problems with this & please correct me if I am wrong :

1) it stated that they are concerned about the effects on kids and teens .... Ummm anyone else see the problem with this ??? That's why they put a big "M" on the box , which also means an adult has to buy it for whom.... You guessed it.

2) this survey was taken from less them 3,000 people & I'm 98.5% positive that of the 58% none are gamers ... Nor is 3000 people a relevant percentile compared to the gaming community or America as a whole.

3) without starting to much online discussion about this , you need to look at our nations history... I'm talking way before games or even TV. I'm really sad to say but that's how we formed this nation ( not that I'm pro violence just making a point. ) can any one say ... Happy Thanksgiving ?

Well that's my 2 cents or well I guess 3.

P.S keep in my this is just my option so please no hate mail :p
Also, 40 or 50% of people believe in witches, angels and that aliens are living among us. Belief doesn't mean anything. It's easily swayed. All that matters is the data. There's been violent people before and after games. There always has to be some societal scapegoat to divert people away from the real problems because people don't want to actually solve them, they just want to appear to be offended.

All through history, from the opera(yup), books, movies, comics, rock and roll, rap, heavy metal and now video games, a societal pariah must exist for the collective to point at and blame so they can passively move on and neglect the truly important issues.
I love studies lik this implying that you are not responsible for your own actions. You did not choose to be violent. You were strong armed into it.
Parenting and people that just have violent tendencies are the culprit. I grew up playing all the violent video games. I am not a violent person in the least. After playing mortal kombat, I didn't have the urge to hurt people or rip their arms off. Lol. Its ridiculous to blame it on games. That's like saying the movie The Birdcage made people gay. Its ridiculous.
They said the same about comic books.
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