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Android has pulled ahead of Apple's iOS in U.S. smartphone sales, according to a report:
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iPhones are pretty boring now so everyone is looking for new stuff
Keyword is android vs apple.
iPhone 5 is still #1 and 4s is #2 smartphones per consumer choice 
All I have to say is YEAH BOi !
And android Key Lime Pie is still yet to arrive...
Mid-tier devices pulled this of. Not everyone has the budget to buy Gs4 or iPhone 4S, 5 
iPhones UI is boring, Jelly Beans all the way!
Most people like boring things. Some like the big city's and some the country. Some love flashy colors and some sutil colors. And some love (boring) iPhones and some (flashy) touchwiz
It gets old saying Apple has only one product. They have different models forsale. And it is Apples decision not to offer more variations, sizes, etc. 
Apple have one product, lets admit thou it's a mighty fine one, however they don't value their customers it's all about the $ / market share for them and the people who buy are simply trend followers who don't understand they are paying alot of money for something that is technically inferior and by the time your 2 year contract is up its almost obsolete as 3 new models have been released I bought a onex this time last year and technically I'm still up to date couldn't say same if I'd bought an iPhone if Apple don't bring something heavy to the market soon this statistic will be just the beginning of a slippery slope 
It's apples fault, they kept doing the same boring iOS build over and over, people got tired of a 6 yr old iOS, while android is customizable to what the user with widgets, added more and more. 
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