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House of Cards is the most-watched show on Netflix. What do you think of it?
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I was skeptical at first, then I saw some of the cast, so I dove into the series and watched them all in two nights... hoping to see more from the series, and more awesome programming of this nature.  It's terrific to see fresh content available all at once, with no waiting or "seasonal breaks" halfway through a season.  
I love the original BBC series !  
I watched it over a weekend and enjoyed it.

But I don't like the notion of 'exclusive content'. If other services to which I don't subscribe create their own exclusive content, I won't be able to watch it (legally). I don't want to pay to subscribe to every single streaming service. I see no hope of changing this model though.
I have 4 episodes left, it's a great show.
I don't think they invented the wheel with HOC but I think it's a good show. I can't wait to see what Netflix does next.
it's apparently a big hit in DC
I loved it. Watching the British series now.
Not being pressured to create an artifice of suspense to drag viewers back for "next week's episode" really frees up writers.

Or so I would imagine.  That's what it felt like in HoC, anyway.
Watched all episodes and excited about the next episodes. Great acting, great story lines. #I'mhooked
I liked, specially because was released in Netflix Brazil at the same time of other countries
+Ed Raines It's like porn for wonks.  You're never going to be able to do it like that, and you'll never find anybody who'll be able to do it to you like that, but it's fun to watch and pretend.
Love the show, Kevin Spacey is the perfect lead in this well written political suspense drama. Can't wait for the next season!
Dang and I just cancelled my subscription dye to lack of content.
I am two episodes in and I love it. This is really good
I just can't get away with Kevin Spacey's cheesy to-the-camera narrative.  I'm a fan of the actor and really tried to like it but just couldn't.  Felt like a pantomime villain.  After watching shows like Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire with beautifully nuanced and grey area ethics this just felt flat and obvious ...
Loving it.  Being a S.C. native, enjoyed the bit about Gaffney.  If only we had a democratic senator as powerful as Francis.
I think when is season 2 coming!?
they already have it finished and under wraps. btw, Francis is a monster. You want THAT to lead the Democrats? jesus.
I thought it was well made and a good sign for Netflix-produced shows. Hated the reporter chick's character so it made it hard to get through some eps.
Watched it in three days and loved it!
Yeah good stuff. I watched the first six then took a few days, watched four more. Love it.
D Smart
Mostly well done. I watched the entire season in less than a week
Loved it.....very high quality. Like the release model for this show...don't have to deal with input from advertisers, etc.
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