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Amazon topped Netflix in a customer satisfaction survey:
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Amazon is statist! 
I can get package's from Hong Kong in nothing flat, but Amazingon acts like they don't know where Alaska is.
Sorry, no PO's.  Sorry, no to Amazon.
ya I was talking about buying stuff not Amazon instant, (whatever that is). Ha.
Netflix is horrible at customer service!
When they announced that whole price change a couple years ago is when I experience d it. At fiest the company was making the streaming and the dvd by mail a seperate service and the way they made it sound, you would have to sign up for the mail part. A few months later I noticed their fee increased. Having paid this new increased fee for at least 3 months I called them up and said hey I never said you could take more money from my account. The uncustomer service rep didnt give one shit. I asked to meet in the middle and give one of those fees back or a free month and he refused. I then said I would like to cancel and have the days left in bill cycle refunded, he stated was a flat fee and wasnt obligated to give any back. Needless to say I canceled and left it off for a year and then opened new account in wifes name for additional free month. Screw you netflix, your line up is becomeng boring.
Amazon's score actually dropped by 1 percent from the year before, but the figure still puts the company ahead of competitors like Newegg, eBay, Overstock, and Netflix.

"Amazon Instant" isn't even mentioned once in the whole article. I've never even heard of it before.
Tired of waiting for these services to get shows. Amazon & Netflix takes too long and Hulu's site/apps sucks. Hoping someday to stream live or right after airing online.
+John Dye Amazon instant is their video streaming service. If your a prime member you get many good shows for free, along with free two day shipping on eligible items bought from them. Good value I feel for only $80 a year.
Sounds good, my lady get's Netflix in the mail and my sunny boy uses it on his X-Box too. Must be ok, never hear much about it though.
+John Dye Not sure why you thought I was responding to you there. I was responding to the actual post. 
Netflix be cheaper, but Amazon's choices are broader. No surprise really. I use both
+Tom Sobieski I use both as well, as well as the free hulu. Between the three there is far more content than anyone has time to watch. Screw cable!
There is not very much content for prime instant streaming, but I get my moneys worth with two day shipping each year.
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