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This cat was voted a new Monopoly token in an online poll:
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I would have chosen a Bernie Madoff bust.
Of course the cat won.  Have you been on the internet lately???
It's unfortunate. The cat was too obvious a choice.
I wasn't aware of this poll! If i has known I would of went for the Diamond Ring. Damn cats, they always ruin everything with there evil ways.
+Kenneth Gioe I was going to vote for the robot, but, as it was a Facebook only poll, I couldn't vote at all since I killed my Facebook account.
I thought it would be Top Hat, Race Car, Scottie Dog, Lizard, Spock. 
What's sad is that most of the people who did vote have probably never sat through an entire game of Monopoly
+Mathew Snyder I hate Facebook only polls, or Facebook only anything, there is more than one social "thingy".
The robot would destroy the cat in a fight! That should be the deciding factor in everything good. Lol
i voted for the robot... i would only be happy with the cat choice if it was grumpy cat
+megan luther I would have been satisfied with either long cat, keyboard cat or lime-helmet cat. Ceiling cat would have been good but would have been hard to conceptualize in a die-cat (haha, my phone autocorrected "cast" to "cat". How appropriate.) form.
+Scot Close Dude. Long Cat, Lime-Helmet Cat and Ceiling Cat predate both of those by Era in terms if Internet Carbon Dating.
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