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The Top 5 Android 4.1 tablets:
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It's all so damn confusing. I want to buy one but I just don't know which one is the best.
It mentions in the article that the N7 and N10 have an advantage by having Android 4.2.
+Kim Kröger that would be the Nexus 10 or 7, since they are the only ones running 4.2.
I still can't decide between this and waiting for the ipad 5 to come out in October

Google is starting to act like apple nexus 10 don't have a micro sd slot. And the nexus 4 only comes in 16gb. It's kinda like take what we give you. Glad I got the Asus TF700 tablet
I'm holding out next line up that will all have 4.2
Hien La
Chúc mừng năm mới an khang thịnh vượng !
The Nexus 7 is amazing! Fast portable and affordable! I have a Asus Transformer and it's amazing too but too bulky to carry everywhere! However the fully functional keyboard 16 hour battery life (with light use it lasts me around 4-5 days) plus keyboard acts like a screen protector
I have the tf300, having tried others, Im more than satisfied with my purchase.
Use an android phone (jelly bean) and love it.but when it comes to tablets android is not the thing...I prefer ipad and its so cool and with that I get android benefits and ios benefits. 
Actually Android is amazing on the Nexus 10. An iPad would be dissapointing after this.
Note 10.1 , the stylus pen is very accurate 
Tim R
+Layne Newton it has nothing to do with apple. Nexus devices haven't had SD card support since the Nexus One. The feature was deprecated in stock android for technical reasons and some OEMs have added it back but eventually even Samsung will not bother anymore. SD cards are not secure and lead to an inconsistent partitioning system on android devices. Additionally many times problems with a phone are traced back to the SD card. 
Top 5 jellybean tablets should be your title 
I have a Nexus 7 and its excellente, and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and its great too...but I waiting for Android 5 to buy a Nexus 10....
Waiting for the next line-up... but Note 10.1 definitely looks real good
HP TouchPad is still the best Android tablet.
Still rather have my Asus tf700t over any of them. Specs say it all for the price. Power, jelly bean update soon as you start it. Awesome resolution. Without going broke. 
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