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Are you excited about the Optimus G Pro?
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Its really just a copy of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Right down to the home button and the overall appearance of it. Don't get me wrong, I think that LG makes some great devices (Optimus G and Nexus 4) but with their latest device it is evident that they just took the design of the Note 2 and gave it a little better specs like 32 gigabytes of on board storage instead of the Note 2's 16 gigabytes. To be honest, I think its an impressive device, but I'm not really excited for it.
I'm excited because I haven't seen LG much sense the nexus 4.
Battery life on the Note 2 is awesome. I'm wondering how the battery life on this phone will be.
Well, theoretically it will be worse considering the fact that the Optimus G Pro will have a 1080p screen and only a 40 mah increase in battery capicity compared to the Note 2 which has a 720p display and 3100 mah battery compared to the G Pro's 3140 mah battery.
Looks good, but I'm going to wait to see what this Motorola X-Phone is all about.
Wow they weren't kidding. It does look like a carbon copy of the note 2. 
A 5.5" screen? I'm going to have to start carrying a man purse soon just to hold my phone.
The mobile industry is running on hardware competition while with bloatwares, customers may not get the advantage with upgraded hardware but quick drain of battery. Not a good trend.
Mmmm... I have th LG Optimus L7 and its is the slowest phone I ever had... it sucks...!!!
Look's just like the Samsung galaxy...I wonder if Samsung will sue!
no,i prefer pantech Vega no*6
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