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Four solid Windows 8 all-in-ones for under $1,300:
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I dont need an expensive windows 8 PC I would rather buy an imac...
+Abdullah CH which is $600 dollars more for similar specs and doesn't come with a touchscreen. Nice smart buying there!
I don't understand either those touchscreens. Too much money for too little in return.
+Giovanni Escobar Sosa How are they too much money, to get a high end Windows 8 AiO with a touchscreen is cheaper than an equivalent iMac without a touchscreen.
+Abdullah CH Then why are you commenting on this article if you have no interest in Windows 8 AiOs? Kind of a waste of time, don't you think? 
Lol @ Abdullah's "you're not the boss of me" tantrum.
Lol +Steve Broome
+Steven Countryman I comment to tell my oppinion and thats what most of us do...
Not to take advice from someone you dont even know about(a stranger guy who thinks he is a genious consultent...);)
+Abdullah CH you didn't give an opinion. you just said you would never buy anything other than an iMac. and if that's the case then why waste our time by telling us on this article. literally nobody gives a shit. the rest of us read these articles because we ARE interested in windows 8 AiO's
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