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Samsung's HomeSync is a Jelly Bean-powered Apple TV rival. Check it out: 
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I don't get why this is different to the DLNA qnap nas I've had for 5 years. I can watch video recorded on my galaxy note on my Samsung tv already too. Am I missing something? 
Not everyone has a smart tv and this also has access to the +Google Play market so also opens the door for all kinds of apps (including games) 
Unless there is Miracast on board, I'm not interested. There are way too many android brands around the house to only accept support for Samsung products.
But does it plug in as a tool to my Dish  700HD DVR like Google TV does? They both use the latest version of Android and let my DSL plug in.
Seems cool but it could have looked a lot better.
Well so its like those android mini PC's available on most of the Chinese websites with a hard disk attached and few more feature additions
"No word on pricing" should come first in reviews, not last. Looks cool to me. Whether innovation or copying, more is better
Capit G
Samsung has made much more variety of phones than Apple, who overprices everything. Eventually, the iPad is going to be as small as the iphone, and the iphone will be as big as the ipad.
Capit G
iphone size: going up | ipad size: going down
This needs to be two way and support widi and miracast or its needless
+George Michalopoulos do you not realize that apple just copies others and put their own spin on it. Apple TV wasn't the first streaming box, iPhone wasn't the first smartphone and iPod wasn't the first mp3 player. All apple has is the name and the following 
it's Apple;s quality that counts. not who's first. their qaulity and ease of use is unparalleled. Andriod everything sucks my balls. The Galaxy 3 is a HUGE pile of shit. this will be the same.
That's fine everyone has a different reason for their prefrences but don't pretend they innovate.
You do realize that samsung is company that is increasing the size of their products... look at the note 2... its bigger than the note 1... now they annouced the 8in tablet...sorry its a phalet so they arent really inovating much right now.
The only thing apple ever did well was the ipod, the rest of their stuff is overpriced, and don't get me started on their software
They innovate successful ways to use existing technology and make it popular, then others use the same techniques. 
Imitation is the new innovation.
+Kane Cheshire so what you're saying is apple has redifined innovation so the can be innovators 
The only innovation Apple gets credit for is seeing just how many different types of accessories they can make people buy as they continually change their adapters, screen sizes just enough that you can't use your last cases, stealing others ideas and calling them their own, yeah, that's innovation. 
Apple fanboys are why we can't have nice things.
Right now...this post about this samsung product is proving that apple isnt the only one thats stealing
I don't think anybody is stealing. It's called being competitive.
Lol...u only say that cuz its samsung...theres nothing innovative in this product
Apple? For me the best is just the imac.

And please.. Don't let me started on the mobile OS and hardware either...

I'm following this product news from now on
@ryan Apple changed their adapter once in 12 years, get over it. 
AppleTV has been kind of a fail since Apple didn't open the ecosystem like they did with the iPhone/iPad. The best I can do is airplay which is ... Eh. 
Capit G
Apple is making a iphone into the ipad, and the ipad into the iphone. Just wait for the next size change for the products. Samsungs phones are all different in a noticable way, not like any Apple fans would know what I'm talking about.
I really don't get all these streaming devices. I just load everything onto a 2TB external drive hooked to a rarely used MBP, and PLEX server streams everything on it to all my TVs, computers, and other devices (phones, PS3, etc.). Am I missing something? 
AppleTV  has, by Jobs' own admission, not been a priority project for them. That said, they sold over 2 million of them last quarter.  Not bad for a pet project. 
It's easy to bash Apple, but keep one thing in mind. Apple's hw is still the best around. The trackpads on the MacBooks, the touchscreens on the idevices....they simply work well. Samsung continues to innovate but they cut corners in odd places (trackpads on the series5 laptops, the stylus operation with the note2,etc) which hurts overall usability. 
I already run a media server that I created that uses my Roku box.  It's TV shows that I'm having a hard time conquering.

I wish these TV networks would see they could make more money offering a'la cart'e services by the channel rather than having to dick around with cable companies.   I'd be down if I could just subscribe to the channels I want.  Waiting .. waiting .. waiting ... 
+Gabe Wiener I dont know if u noticed that their recently announced 8in tablet has the same specs as the note 2 and also the same accessories like the spen. They didnt even let it be just a simple tablet...they even added the phone so whats the difference between the note 2 and the 8in phablet...the screen size
+dipansh bhola, it is because consumers want it big so people who like to use the stylus, can do more in big screen. 
Sean F
This has very little to do with Apple, more to do with cannibalizing Samsung's MediaHub while providing access to competing Play market.
I guess, his brother, Ubuntu will do the same as Android but alot of things Ubuntu need to fix and upgrade
+Simon Whight, If it's not inovation, it will be a revolusion! 
I can do all that with my 2.5 year old Seagate Go Live TV box. I can also access all my local network shares on my Atrix phone and N7. Local streaming, net streaming - no problem.
+Alfirus Ahmad I dont know anyone that want to carry around an 8in phone. The features of the spen are in the previous tablet by samsung if anyone wanted a bigger screen...its already there.
Samsung has learned the lesson. Copy Apple and watch your stock grow. Try something different and end up like moto or HTC. Same people that call apple overpriced are buying same white plastic devices with Google software just different screen sizes. Buy the way Samsung displays suck (including TV which I was convinced by Amazon reviews into buying instead of proper Sony). 
I like the idea but there are not very many "Android movies" I can think of besides I Robot, Lost in Space etc. If it would play movies not about androids i may be interested.
I look forward to anything that helps me streamline my products. This has potential and I'm excited to see what Samsung comes up with. 
Can't wait for this to come. 
I would be interested in one of these, if it can beat apple tv at its own game and a also if it will allow full android apps. 
You have to love all the "my Apple TV already does this" "my (other thing) already does that" "this thing isn't innovative" comments... based on a very VERY terse article where the most jargon is a) it has HDMI, b) a dual core processor. Anyone bitching about innovation (in either camp) should wait for a proper review instead of getting their panties in a bunch, speculating about whether they might have added something truly innovative. Fact is: y'all have zero information which qualifies you to make the assertion.
+Dave Handler TV shows is what causes me to have a HTPC with multiple HDHomerun tuners. The small streaming devices are nice, but access to TV shows can be difficult and the streamers aren't dvrs or time shifters. Roku is supposed to be making a dvr/media streamer that might be interesting.
Wow some comparing samsung tvs to Sony didn't even know they sold their patents to Samsung and another big name tv manufacturer which is why you don't see Sony any more 
+Alfirus Ahmad Im basing my responses on what has already been is losing its touch
other brands also batter and low costed.
Lol i love it, just bcus it's an Apple product rival, lol am sure apple is looking for a way to sue Samsung over this
It basically runs android booom the possibilities are endless! End of story go home AppleTV you've locked your self out. 
This is another shameful Sammy move...
It would help if Google play got more tv shows and movies like itunes does. Hawaii Five-0 is one of my favorite shows but it is not on Google play.
Nothing like walking around the mall and seeing everyone with the same exact phone or at school they all have the same tablet. I personally like to be unique, therefore I like to customize and personalize my phone, tablet or any device. I think apple makes a good product as much as I hate the company. I actually recommended the ipad to my elderly mother because of its simplicity. But that simplicity comes at a price, hence, no way to customize or personalize the device. Hell, the only thing you can do to an iPhone to set yourself apart from the others is to buy a different case! Lol
God people are as dumb as reviewers. Apple didn't invent devices that stream to tv's, all they did is give theirs a quirky name so the isheep who don't know any better will think its some brand new innovation.

The review claiming this is a apple tv beater is just trying to stir up shit between the idiots dumb enough to not know the fact that these devices are MANY in existence already.

The isheep who still think apple innovate anything really have developed a cult member screwed up perspective way of looking at the world. Simply giving something a fancy name does not equate to innovation. Making something simplistic to use at the price of diversity is not being innovative. Making cheaply produced products in pretty cases and colours to sell at inflated margins is not being innovative. But then the real idiots are the ones who buy their products and support their disgusting methods thinking they've bought something state of the art.

If apple have innovated anything its how to polish a turd and sell it to the masses as a must-have item!
Fact of the matter is that Apple converts that went Android want devices that are similar so they can have some similar experiences. If Apple had these device open for more nonApple device you might not see devices like this. A good idea is a good idea. You won't hear people making these comments when Samsung and Sony come out with 4k Tvs.
+Obie Cherry get your stories str8 mate.
Apple innovates (noone says mp3 player. Everyone says iPod!). 
Sumsuck copies (even the packaging of their plastic toys are copied by Apple.)

Okay, now for reality check. How much does it cost in WIFI to view the average flick?

Amith F
Why jelly bean and NOT Google TV
+Barry Smith. I figure it will cost me a fortune to view a movie or TV show because we're charged by the "page", and a movie goes through a lot of pages.
How many bytes or gigabytes in average movie?

My TV already does this, and I already use a wd TV live units. However I would buy one just to try it out. For the record apple still sucks. 
Linkbate and it worked by just including appleTV in it to get people arguing about something not even reviewed and no price. If they said "head to head with Xbox/ps3" would this get as many views.

Don't be fooled. View post and wait for real review. While waiting try out Dishhopper...
Yawn not another streaming box :-)
+Peter Martin you are quite right of course - Apple isn't about being first necessarily, but doing it right. Their innovation is often in taking ingredients that other people have devised and putting them together in a way that consumers love and that feels seamless and easy to use. That's something that all the geeks and Android freaks here don't understand the importance of - when Apple gets it right, they make some of the slickest products out there, both hardware and software. Which is why they have managed to cling on to both decent market share and big margins, an incredible feat that other IT companies would die to achieve
Let's hope they give Apple a whipping

+George Michalopoulos I have the story straight. You saying apple innovated by improving on existing technology's redefines what innovation is. Anything that is popular with people will be imitated by other companies even apple. Why do you think they made a bigger iPhone and smaller ipad.
By your definition of innovation it's like saying God created the earth and man innovated earth by making it better
+Obie Cherry there is considerable innovation in putting together existing technologies in a superior way that other people haven't managed to do before. If it was so easy, other people would have just put out some "innovation" and it would have caught on like wildfire, but most of these "innovations" quietly fade away
+lilian sejko your charged by page ? Can't you get unlimited broadband?
I've owned 3 iPhones, 2 iPads then just tried out the S3 and purchased the Note2. Just my opinion, but Samsung has it, hands down.
+Richard Lim that is not innovation that is catering to a certain market or need. Because you put strawberries on waffles and more people want it that way doesn't mean you created waffles. Innovation is new and original not a rehash of what someone else has created.
+Michael Smith Apple has won a number of notable lawsuits as well. Of course Apple isn't perfect and no one would claim that they are. They've done some spectacularly good things over the 30 years I've been watching them and using their products, though
+Obie Cherry you can't even distinguish innovation from copying.
Apple combined existing technology improved on it added new technologies and produced great products.
Samsuck "saw" what Apple did and copied.
I don't expect you to understand it of course.

What's weird, and kind of hilarious, about this thread is that Apple is being grudgingly treated as the benchmark - even though this is the consumer tech segment that Apple is least interested in, and where they have merely put out a "hobby" product for several years. I don't think anyone senses huge pent-up demand for set-top streaming boxes; what will be interesting is to see what if any smart (or smarter) TVs come along soon
Wow that's great if the price of this device is 5 times cheaper then the cheapest Samsungs smart tv than I am first in the queue to get it!

Cool, but I thought it is Google TV.
Aww no thanks I rather Apple TV... Cause that's what this is, a bad copy!!!
Apple TV is rubbish compared to other media centers out there...
Google TV vs Apple TV which one is better and why? 
+George Michalopoulos I do understand the difference and apple does the same thing but tries to make subtle changes to say they don't. Do you think they didn't copy notifications or do not disturb, even the iPhone looks almost identical to the lg Prada that won numerous awards before the iPhone was released or how about the Prada 2 that added a front facing camera for video conferencing and 2 years later iPhone added a camera for facetime. Everyone copies it's part of the business only apple acts as if they invented the world.
Lol. Most iPhone users are stock in the past. Just like the iPhone UI and innovation. 
+steve augustin I'm going to assume your either trolling or ignorant.

It's a product refresh. Its not the first time they've done Android powered tv box's.... They were called Google TV before
+Nathan Krick Thanks for the little piece of info!  I heard of those devices before but didn't know exactly what they were called.  None the less the HDHomerun tuners still need .. the cable company.  I hope that by the time google fibre makes to where I am the channel line up will be beefed up more! 
All this apple and samsung who is better talk is ridiculous. Copying and patents, who started it.. who cares. If it wasnt for apple and samsung battling we wouldnt be here with this wonderful technology today. 95 percent of you act like samsung and apple are paying you give it up. 
Obviously Samsung has turned being a copycat as part of its corporate culture.
+Haziq Imran Always funny to watch people automatically assume that Samsung must be copying and can't be orignal...
Its not about who relase it first its about who relase is right
When people see my galaxy note they are shocked at how big it is for a phone. You just know if apple made a phone tablet hybrid like that though everyone would talk about how innovative apple is and how cool it i they made a phone that size because something is only cool if there is an apple logo on it. lol.
The winner of the media streamer war will be the one that runs XBMC the best. Currently the Apple TV2 is the king. XBMC for Android is still not fully there yet but many people are waiting. Those of you not familiar with XBMC need to look it up. Probably the best free software application available. 
+Todd Salmon sorry the Galaxy note is a Very big ugly Plastic piece of blah tech... Tech should be sleek and sexy. Not Fat and noticeable. I can see that "Fatlet" being out of style very soon... Samsung just made a 8" Fatlet... Consumers are buying in to garbage, and the resale value on those Sammy products are Horrible. I love Android too i.e the Htc one series, and SG3, but the note is way bigger than my home phone lol. I must say that I can make calls on my iPad 4 Retina using Talkatone if needed. Fatlets are not here to stay, and will be a " why did I buy that" question many will ask themselves one day...
+Calvin Johnson tech is supposed to be slick and sexy? Maybe according to Apple. I care more about my tech actually being able to do tech things than looking nice. The big screen on the note makes watching videos better, typing easier, comic pages look better, the whole page of a book can fit on the screen, you can see more, and do more just to name some. There is no way I can ever go back to anything smaller than a galaxy note because I am too used to the size.
I agree with Todd. The Iphone 4 & 5 viewing experience is way too small .. My friends s3's are the perfect size. I also disagree about the comment on Phablets being a fad.  Yes, we can make call calls via (google voice-Talkatone), but consumers view the Phablets as a "killing 2 birds with on device solution" They get a tablet and a phone.
+Dave Handler True, any "live TV" tuner needs either cable or an antenna.  I am not willing to pay for hundreds of stations I will never watch, so I don't pay for cable and just stick with OTA HD broadcasts.  That means there are still some TV programs I don't get, but except for live sporting events, most of them eventually become available to watch, rent, or purchase online.  However, most of the content I want I can DVR and watch at my leisure, without having to wait or try to find it online, without paying for cable.
Well guess what +Todd Salmon Samsung is bringing a 8" Fatlet to market... 8"???????? It's way outta control man. I can't wait to see you guys hold this thing up to your ears. Lmao. Those South Koreans are just laughing...
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