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Which is the better voice assistant? Siri for iOS 6 or Galaxy S III's S-Voice?
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Well considering Siri has been out longer and S Voice is only in Europe right now, what do you think?
Who cares? Do people actually rely on this? These Apple Siri commercials are so stupid. 
If you buy a phone to talk to and shit then you seriously have a problem.
CNET need to sort their priorities
I'll wait to see what Google's project Majel ends up producing, but yes, Siri is better than S-voice.
Siri makes some good commercials, two of my co-workers want an Iphone now because of them. (yes they are air heads) Android is so functional and fun to tamper with why anyone would want an Iphone is, well, not so baffling when you consider how simple it is to use. If your brain hurts when all you want to do is send a text then maybe an Iphone is for you, with Siri.
Siri users should take a good look at Apple's privacy policy noting specifically how Apple saves everything you say to Siri onto Apple servers. Further, read all the extra data that gets sent with your Siri spoken word. Siri, S-Voice, forthcoming Google Assistant .... I don't mind these services sending my request to their servers for translation or to obtain answers to my questions, but I do mind anyone saving and data mining my data, saving emails I may dictate, and collecting all the data from my phone unrelated to my query.
+Doug Silverberg How about if that data is used to better tailor your results on future requests? Like if it took Siri five tries to understand what you were asking for, not having to go through that all again the next time? Or if your Siri request data is being used to provide better maps results for you, because when you ask for an Ice Cream shop in town, it knows that you like Ben & Jerry's?
Apple needs to give Siri to all devices, not just the newest iPhones and iPads.
John B
Google next voice assistant. S-Voice is also better.
I don't even like talking ON the phone... why would I talk TO my phone?
The new IOS 6 Siri looks to be the real deal!!!
Is it possible that voice assistants are over-hyped?  So much discussion about them but I've never actually seen anyone outside of a commercial using one...
Are both of these out for anyone to compare, or is this just a placeholder? I thought the new Siri was just announced today.
+Mike Hanson haha i agree, i have voice assistant on my phone but never actually use it, unless i'm driving somewhere far. But from day to day use,i can actually just pick up my phone and do something quicker instead of having to use a voice assistant. 
The only time I have actually used this was when driving to send a text message... Illegal perhaps but the only real use. My home town has a slightly "funky" name. Siri cannot get the city down for weather or anything. I used to have Android (really miss it now), and Vlingo ALWAYS worked for me. Hopefully Google's Voice Assistant will be a good project.
Siri is just a fancy decoration, not really useful at this stage if you ask me.
True. Voice control is still a half baked cake, which ever company makes it(whether it is "siri", "biri", "kiri", "svoice", etc..). By the way, Siri in most Indian languages means "money and wealth"!
+అనిల్ రెడ్డి Funny that's what Apple stands for!!
siri for one simple reason 
when speaking to siri the sound more "human friendly"
while when i used the S-Voice it was like talking to a retarded voice machine 
I use Siri in my iPad 2 and S-voice in my Galaxy Nexus.
I think still Siri is beter than S-voice but Samsung did good job and i think alliance between Google and Samsung can beat Apple's Siri in future :)
I dont care... I will never use this technology. 
Are there really any people buying a phone because they can talk to it?!! This most certainly isn't a key feature to me (especially when you need to be connected for using it)
I understand the stated purpose +Sharon Strandskov . And I'm sure results are better for it. But what of the user who is unaware that everything they say is being saved and unintended consequences? For example, a user dictates an email about a competitive bidding situation including Apple as one of the vendors that is otherwise covered under non-disclosure agreements. Now that user has violated the NDA. Or a user dictates an email to their lawyer, otherwise subject to client-attorney privilege, only to find it included in a subpena response by Apple.
S-Voice barley even posed a threat to the original Siri and now with the new Siri samsung need to work on there Voice commands apps
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