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The +Google+ app for iPhone just got an overhaul. What do you think?
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I don't like it very much on the iPhone to be honest. visual overload.
+Jared A.J. Chiddix mine wasn't listed in "Updates" but if you search for the app in the store "G+" you should be able to update it
how about updating your own. android.
I quite like the new look GOOD JOB GOOGLE!!!
Too much emphasis on the photos and less on the content. I'm not all that happy with it yet...
Google may want to consider adding an option that allows the user to choose between the old view and the new one. 
+Isaiah Rashad exactly right - I could imagine the picture mode being a cool feature, but not as a default display. Not for me anyway - just my preference. There are alternatives, so I won't moan too much but I liked the old app.
Love it. Now do it for the iPad. Pronto
It's going to take a bit of getting used to, but I dig it.
I'm wondering how they are going to top this update
I love it! Just got through going thru my circles and everything pops out at you. Nice update. 
Just tried on my iPhone, looks much better than before. 
Awesome! Love this new update. G+ rocks. 
I wonder why they are taking so long to release an iPad app.
It looks great to me. I hope they do the same to their gmail app. 
I'm surprised that it actually looks better than the Android version (being that Android is a Google OS).
I'm not sure that I like it !
Finally a Google app on iOS that looks like it belongs. Sweet!
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