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On March 18, Chrome was king of the browsers.
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I'm forced to use IE at work, but Safari and Chrome are what I use at home.
And ironically I just moved back to Safari from Google Chrome since it has been crashing so damn much.
Hmmm... doesn't the iPad / iPhone / iOS run Safari too? With the dramatic increase in iPad tablets out there, I would definitely expect the Safari share to be showing an increase - but it seems pretty stagnant. Any idea what gives there?
Gotcha +Robert Leland - I guessed as much but hadn't seen that stipulated in the article or the graph. Maybe I missed it.
I only find this a reminder that people still use IE
I think the latest spike in IE usage could be due to the recent TV commercials released for IE 9. Just sayin'
Chrome is the best browser out there right now. I like how google gives money to people that find holes in their products. Chrome is so fast and secure because of that.
I have to say that I've been using IE9 since it came out (I like to give new versions of things even a brief chance, despite consistent failures), and it's splendid. There's a couple things missing (mainly just a menu option or two), and having adblock in IE would be nice, but overall, I'm quite pleased with the new IE.
And IE10 in Windows 8 (both the Metro and the desktop versions) are splendid.
I'll have to admit I did try IE 10 after installing Win8 and I did like it. However, as far as the best overall browser experience goes I still have to go with Chrome (using the latest Canary build).
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