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The HTC One is official. What do you think?
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It's a phone.. i think i have one, does it do much else?
HTC has NEVER put out a good android phone!
drop the skin.. and you are good to go!
Just makes me all the happier with my decision to drop HTC for a pure Nexus device.
"HTC has NEVER put out a good android phone!"

Obviously you never did any work with the Nexus One, that's one of the best Android phones that's been made. Great camera, smooth OS processes, etc. I wish that had taken off.
Had the HTC Hero. That was a good little phone.
No removable battery, no SD card, no Verizon support.  Strike 3.
Nothing new to see here folks. Same shit just official now
+Chadd Russell a good phone and a phone that is not as good as its competitors are not mutually exclusive. i.e. a phone that is not as good as the competition may still be a good phone.

Perhaps that's what you were trying to say...
CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT VERSION!!! Guess they'll have to call it the HTC ONE TWO.
I have nexus 4, I think it's the best one 
I also have a nexus 4 but this phone crushes it in so many ways.  First thing that jumps right out is dual FRONT facing speakers.  Can't believe this isn't already the norm.  
Will be interesting to check it out!
Just stick another launcher like Nova on the phone and the mess is gone. Then it's pretty much the same as everything else. I'm still leaning toward xperia z.... Never thought I would lean toward a Sony device. My note 2 is fine for now. 
Nova cures almost all custom UI infections. 
Last two phones have been htc but I will be switching to the S3. Tiles and the 4 megapixels killed it for me. 
HTC just doesn't do 'IT' for me... Go the Nexus 4 (In Android world)
I think it looks amazing, but I'm going to wait for a potentional next version as I bought the iPhone 5 not too long ago.
i think it looks great. Have to wait on camera reviews before I decide.
I am a sprint customer so N4, although nice, does not work for me!
I have a Note 2 and until now it has not disappointed me. 
The droid DNA aka butterfly is an awesome phone
I have galaxy s3 its best cellllllls
Really hard To get this htc one when so many now have galaxy s3...its not that much different..
Dual front speakers are cool but id go for gs4 if I were to so happy with my s3..
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