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Sony's waterproof Xperia Tablet Z is the thinnest and lightest 10" tablet yet. Check it out:
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Fab! Will be looking to get this when it comes out. 
Yeah, and they're starting to get the idea with updates too. I bought an Xperia T before the Z came out, and it came with ICS, but was updated to jellybean a couple of weeks ago; quicker than expected.
What more could they have put on if though? 
every Xperia Z is waterproof?
Nice! Samsung should learn something about esthetics from Sony.
that would be copying
I like that wallpaper
I have tablet dell windows 7. I'm programer. i use the tablet to the limits. I don't understand why people ever agree to tablet with android. Windoes 7 is not perfect but the best on tablets. With android system i would never do as much as i do on windows 7. And this tablet can be the best in the word but with android then it is still wasting of money
While it's probably not an ipad killer, it's a clear winner in the specs race. W/ a lighter/thinner body and a much faster processor (@ the same price mind you), I think it's a great ipad alternative.
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