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Skype is inviting iOS/Android/Mac users to test a new video messaging feature:
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My wife will love this... when it get's to Australia...
Yes they give you 20 video mails, my question is how much would it cost after the 20?
I'll stick with Google Hangouts, thanks.
It's one of those nice items, but will you really use it?
+Logan Kraus totally agree. I check you have to pay 4.99 a month to get the premium acct. which you get for free at hangouts except for the video email.
Google Hangouts all the way! No Skype bloatware on my devices.
I really like Skype
I'm able to chat to family
out of State
makes them seem close ;-)
Sooo.. Video voicemail. Whats the point??
Good to see though thay MS is workibg on new features now the end of MSN is in sight and they wanna migrate everybody to skype
I use Eyejot to send Video Email, or ooVoo. I love to use Paltalk voice chat rooms. You can have up to 200 people in a voice chat discussion on Paltalk. It's nothing like Skype, ooVoo, or Google hangouts. Paltalk has a list of chat rooms available so others can find it and join the discussion.
Please mention Linux support next time... Thank you have a nice day. 
I tried it out. It's basically video voicemail. Great user interface. Figured it out in a few seconds and delivered a video message. 
I liked Skype when it was a crossplatform product before m$ acquired it
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