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Including, you know, "What does it look like?"
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+CNET do you think virtual reality HUD systems will ever make it into the home? I remember back in the day those were a big deal commercially like at malls and stuff..
+Zach Cumer Considering the tech MS is showing off for the XBox 720, why would one want a HUD system? After all, they are showing off something really only a few steps removed from the holodeck...
Yeah, I was wondering if I'd somehow missed that, so I kept combing through all of the coverage (in vain, as it turns out). They have the new controller to show off but NOT the console itself? Strange.

Unless... the PS4 console IS the controller!!!!  :-O
+Zach Cumer think oculus rift. Honestly I think these consoles will utilize their VR tech. They've seen to have done it right. It will only get better
Sony did good by not showing the console.  Because now everybody is talking about what it can do vs. the superficial what it looks like.  They learned from the flame wars from the previous gen... "it looks like a foreman grill"
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