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At the risk of confusing you, Asus has also launched the Fonepad, a $249 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet that makes calls. Can the maker of the Nexus 7 trump its own tablet?
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My computer has been able to make phone calls for years. I just use Google Voice through Gmail. Pretty straightforward. Frankly, I'm surprised the functionality isn't built in to every Android tablet already. And with most phones having wi-fi hotspot ability, I don't see the need for a tablet to have 3G of its own most of the time. 
This is Great!.

The only remaining question is will it ever make it to the States since the previous two predecessors never did.
I used to use the original Samsung Galaxy tab (7") as a phone! This was back when it was the only real 7" Android tablet (and one of the very very few Android tablets available, it ran an expanded phone gingerbread out of the box). Everyone was telling me that 7" is too small to see anything (I'm laughing at them now -eating their own words), and that I should get an ipad - but I really enjoyed the 7" form factor (especially the fact that you could still fit it in your pocket). It really isn't as bad to use as a phone as people think - there are these things called earphones ... And you can either use the microphone on the phone or the earphones microphone if there is one. I still have my Galaxy tab as a spare phone!
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