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yes, but only if it's a natural part of the habitat.
Nothing left to destroy on land? Come out to sea and destroy more habitats!
Dubai is just a desert turns to be a habitat of those shouldnt be. I think, if it happens it will divert others to this hotel, as others are more crowded. ;-)
Yes I would I think it would be cool.
I would DEFINITELY stay in an underwater hotel.
For me it would depend on how deep it was, and what the chances of an earthquake ever happening in the area would be lol. Otherwise, yes. MANY people have spent enough time in subs that developers should know how to design it to be safe. LOTS of windows... I think it would be really cool.
it's seems like scary because if earthquake or different natural disaster  happen, ur saving chance is very rare
That's the city that money built, constructed beaches and all, it is a disaster waiting to happen!
I'd definitely stay there... but knowing it will probably cost a few thousand a night, I might have to stick to visiting the aquarium!
HOW UGLY. Whoever designed that? What scares me is that when you wake up in the morning your looking straight at a shark! Mmm, comforting.
Beautiful but to small :/
No, that's too claustrophobic for me.
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