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Even though they are owned by Google, this definitely plays into whether I would buy a Moto phone... at this point... I would say no. Also, if they are going to do this garbage, there is no excuse for a locked bootloader in any motorola phone going forward
This has been the case with the HTC Desire HD too and several other models from other manufacturers as well.
Well that sucks, but I still love my Photon.
Google need to shrink Motorola's product line over time which they've indicated the are doing, and then prove they are dedicated to upgrading them faster than anyone else on the market. They have the same problem as Sony at the moment, they had released too many different phones for it to be economically viable to upgrade them all, let alone possible to do so in a timely manor.
Bad move moto. Bad move. Youre already losing money every quarter. They're just digging a bigger hole.
Adam S
All the more reason to never buy anything except pure Google. I will never buy a phone that's locked or carrier update controlled.
The most puzzling is Google owns Motorola but instead going more integrated, it is going otherwise. 
I think Google bought Motorola primarily for the patents that they owned.  The management at Motorola is still just as inept as they have always been.
I bought my photon only after I was assured that it would get ICS. Say nothing about Jelly Bean. Thanks a lot +Motorola Mobility . I will always remember this whenever I am selecting a phone and +Motorola is an option.
Buying a Nexus device is no guarantee, unless you are lucky enough to live in the U.S.and can buy directly from Google. Bought a Galaxy X in Brazil, last update was to 4.0.4 in August.
Adam S
+Jeremy Smith at least you can unlock the boot loader and easily flash updates from xda and other dev sites with nexus phones. So even when Google updates are slow ota you can always do it manually.
They said they would provide ICS, they will not for my Photon. Unfair? Yes. I made my purchase decision based on their pledge to provide ICS for that handset. However, there are plenty of other Android providers and by the time I get another handset I'm guessing Motorola won't even be around after pulling this stunt. If they are still around when I'm due for a new handset, I certainly won't consider them.
The worst part is it's a Google owned company and Google pushes the phone makers to keep their phones up to date so it becomes do what I say not what I do.

Right now Google doest need Motorola to generate any revenue but what happens when manufacturers start jumping ship and no one wants to buy moto phones
+Obie Cherry Google still owns all of Moto's patents, which is the main reason they bought them.
+Dan Koerner the patents have been useless thus far and Google can only hide behind that for so long. Like it or not Motorola is a Google owned company so if Motorola screws up the Google takes the blame.
These manufacturers are supposedly getting the operating system for FREE, can't they make the commitment to keep their devices reasonably up-to-date?  Whatever money Motorola is saving by going back on their word, they are certain to lose many times over in new sales.  This reminds me of the old adage... fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice, shame on me.  After reading this, I would never, ever purchase a phone from Motorola.  It can be spun six ways from Sunday, but Motorola=Google - and this is just self-inflicted FUD for the entire android eco-system. 
+Dan Koerner I don't claim to be an expert. It is what it is. The most significant judgment was against Microsoft for a gaming console. The patents that were given to HTC didn't help and The big patent case they thought they had was withdrawn because it was determined that most weren't violated anyway.
Loving nexus 4.1 jellybean don't regret getting galaxy note 4.0
Dear Everyone In This Thread,

Not a single one of you is a Motorola customer; telcos are Motorola customers. Telcos make most of their money selling telephony plans to less-informed customers (of which I assume none of you are).

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Motorola cares about whether any of your will buy their phone again.

But feel free to share anyway.
Haha! Android fragmentation strikes again. Even iPhone 3GS got iOS6. 
Turn around is fair play: #boycottandroid #iphone5

Since I bought my first iPhone, I've known that I would get OS upgrade support for at least three years. By that time the hardware is so out of date that it is really time for a handset upgrade.

That said, no other phone that I've ever owned has ever had an OS update. Most handset makers take a shotgun approach: make a bunch of devices that are very similar but with some overlapping and non-overlapping features, get people to buy them, and then forget about them. There has never been any long-term support. iPhones may not have all of the latest features, whistles, and bells, but at least they have good support from Apple.
+Gerald Cox : Software development costs... Wait for it! .... Money. A company will never support an obsolete product unless they are legally required to do so!
+Adam Sawoszczuk True, and I realize that I'm complaining about being "stuck" with ICS while many people are getting along on Gingerbread. 

In my opinion, however, I bought a Nexus device, at extra expense (got it at a discount here for $650) and shouldn't have to hack it for it to act like a Nexus. This one is on Samsung.
So if you are a Motorola customer and you choose to take $100 to get another Motorola phone, how do you know they won't abandon that one in the future. 
They are owned by Google but a completely separate business entity.
The deal of 100$ is good but I'm disappointed with Moto decisions so far.. unlockable bootloader, lack of upgrades, ugly designs, getting rid of Webtop, firing employees.. I used to think that Google had brighter plans for Motorola beyond a bunch of patents.. #MotoFail
My droid 2 global is the last moto phone i will ever own after seeing their increased lack of respect for their customers. My S3 comes next week and i am not looking back. GOOGLE for the love of god dismantle moto and just use their hardware and patents. We all hate motoblur anyways, only reason these devices wont get updated.
+Jacob Hector Even if they are a 'separate business entity', as owners, they still have ultimate responsibility, especially when it tarnishes their brand. I don't think they have a clue what to do what Motorola, they don't even use it to manufacture their own branded hardware. Either they need to integrate it into their strategy or get rid of it.
If this happened to the photon, this might happen later on with the Razr Maxx. Which what I have.
This def where IOS beats the sh*t out of Android. My razr maxx just got ICS in june so i doubt if it will ever see JB. Got IOS6 on my ipod touch the same day it was released as well as people with iphones got it on day of release
As a new fan of the Android OS, I have to agree with you +Lavant D . I do give Apple credit for that. Maybe all phones should there own operating system to avoid these problems and disappointments.
Get GNex :D  That is what iPhone is to iOS isnt it? Google releases for only Nexus series, you'll get it on the day of release.
Motorola is still on Google's books. They replaced the CEO with someone from Google and stated they are laying off 1000s of employees. Whether they claim it as a separate entity or not they have made it clear they want it run a certain way and they are ultimately responsible for what will happen there.
Apple is good customer service, that made me lol, thanks for the laugh.
Apple has good customer service? Had a Apple Ipod touch  that refused to play music. Every thing else worked fine, but no music. So tried to get it fixed, but Apple refused to fix it or give me a new one. And their own user forums were of no use either, no offense to anyone. 
So meh sticking to Android. Never had a Iphone and Never will. Running AOKP JB on my XS, and waiting for Sony JB :D
Well in my experience, OS updates have broken my Motorola phones to some extent or another. Gingerbread pretty much totally broke my Droid 2 Global. Now ICS has made my Droid 4 very slow and quirky. If I needed to call 911 in a hurry I would be in trouble. I have been using Motorola devices since the original Droid because I love physical keyboards, but I think I might have to go with a Nexus on my next upgrade.
I'm glad I swore off Motorola after how badly the Droid X performed. I got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that came with ICS and have recently been updated to Jelly Bean. It's hard to believe that there are phones out there that are as recent or more recent than mine still running Gingerbread.
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