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Will Vita and PS4 be the multi-screen combo that finally takes off?
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Don't cut the Wii U short. I don't own one but had an opportunity to sit down and use it for a couple days, and I was seriously impressed. Nintendo's track record speaks for itself.
Hard to say. It depend heavily on the content and gameplay of the games made for the PS4. #DUST514 seems to be a potential good bet with its promise of its upcoming Neocom app made exclusively for the vita.
In my own home exist lag between my computer and the Apple TV, it's imposible to use the Vita like the Wii U Gamepad in that circunstances
+Joshua Leon the Wii U is an HD system, granted Nintendo is a bit behind in the aspect of graphics "technically", the fact that the Wii has sold almost 15-20 million more units than the Ps3 or Xbox 360 speaks for itself. Nintendo also claims top sales rights for console sales period with the DS. As far as I know Nintendo is actually pressing for second and third party developer's games to broaden its fanbase. I was once a die hard Nintendo fan back in the SNES and N64 days but as they lost, or rather let go of their third party games I started to stray away with franchise conglomerates like Square leaving Nintendo for greener pastures. But I feel that they have the right idea with the Wii U, and without a doubt it will stand the test of time. As far as handhelds go, I don't think anyone, not even mobile gaming on Android or iOS will ever dethrone Nintendo in this aspect. That said I am currently an Xbox owner and I love my box, but their are some exclusives from other console that I wish were there ( God of War, Zelda, etc...) but I am perfectly happy with it. 
Remote Play was a selling point for the Vita originally. We were told we'd be able to play our PS3 titles anywhere. The press and media forgot and one year on, where is that feature?

Not buying into any promises until they're delivered. 
If I were to ever by the VITA it would be for the Neocom support that is confirmed by CCP Games to work with Dust 514 once it's complete which will enable me to customize dropsuits, place market orders, and micromanage corporations on the fly while playing through the PS. But the Neocom is not out yet and we have a long way to go first with the core gameplay of Dust.
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