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Will the HTC One catch on? Here's Roger Cheng's take:
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Me no care, just bought the +Nexus 4 yesterday, because for me pure +Android experience is really a most! 
No. Still waiting on a Jelly Bean update for my so-called "flagship" One X on AT&T. Why would I expect any better from this phone?
Mmm, maybe. I dislike the UI of the LG and Galaxy phones, but this UI is interesting
Dont get me wrong I love pure Android but honestly in need of something new. If ever phone came with pure android there wouldnt really be anything to set them apart besides maybe design, because most phones today come with same specs. So I start looking forward to the new skins and custom features companies bring to theyre phones.
general consensus that i've noticed is that the specs are amazing but the majority of people are fucking angry and won't buy because htc support is horrendous. looks like a sick phone, this coming from a samsung, former htc guy.
specs looks like but those ugly buttons? and with S4 just around the corner and possibly nexus 5 on google i/o, Not sure how many would consider this phone.. i won't for sure.
but samsung is just as bad. former samsung guy
I think it looks amazing. Love to own this. Wouldn't you??? 
+nick fisher you mean samsung in general or their s3? i don't have s3 but i've heard really good things about it.. plus couple of my friends has it and they seem to enjoy a lot. 
beautiful! Seen it yesterday. surely an iphone beater
Just nitpicking here. Home button should be in the middle. 32 GB is OK without SD slot. We'll see how battery life is like without hot swapping.

All in all, phone doesn't wow me. 
Wasn't happy with the Thunderbolt, sure don't trust the next big thing with HTC. Samsung is the way to go, for me.
J. B.
All it takes to be an "iphone killer" (god I hate that term) is plenty of good marketing... companies need to learn how to get into people's heads like Apple can... you make the population lust after something and you will win. These days, every smartphone is a capable enough device... it's the feeling of owning something cool that matters. As stupid as that sounds, we have a hive mentality that is fueled by the need of belonging to a select group. We have always been a species of status symbols, this is the time of the smartphone.
This phone looks amazing and has a top notch spec. If HTC keeps up the support for this device then hell yeah!
I'd consider a HTC next upgrade, but Samsung seems to always be that bit better!
2230mah battery......worst support ever.....locked bootloader.......kak phone
People complain that Cnet is Apple obsessed, then when they compliment an unrelated product by another company people still bring iPhone up. You're the reason they talk about Apple all the time.
No getting away from Apple I guess
Apple will be history the day people stop comparing to Apple or complaining about apple
Imo should the s4 rumours of a fat 4450mah stick.....the one and xperia z will be water under the bridge
If I bought anything but nexus devices I would definitely try to support phones like this and the ones from Sony. I'd like to see android diversify a bit more again.
The Htc one is just the Htc Titan just with a crappier camera (although  I the Titan I's camera is 8mp an this one is 5mp, and the titan I's camera is horrible...I cant image going backwards...)....with a slower version of this their flagship- wow is that horrible...I love my Titan and was hoping for so much much more....disappointed I am....
I have nexus 7 and i think nexus line is the best... :)
+Nick Hunter in my view its the same size screen, its .2ghz faster quad core oh boy really? not that much faster and according to everyone its got a crappy version of Andriod. From what I hear theyve reconditioned Tiles from Windows....I think I'll stay with windows....the real thing....And unless youve played with the Titan's camera you'll know that 8mp camera from HTC stinks...I can only image what a 5mp camera is going to be like with souped up software...
Anyway Dont care off to look at Samsung's Ativ S which hopefully will be in America real soon.
Nice phone. But it ain't stock and unlocked. Pass.. 
+Nikki Raichlin the "crappy" android people are referring to is just a "sense" overlay htc have put on a very up to date version of android. The reviewers say the camera is at least on par with any smartphone camera before it. Please dont buy the ativ lol
How is it a problem +Jay'den Williams ? You upgrade every time your contract is up for renewal, picking the best phone for your needs at the time as and when. More choice is not a bad thing. You don't have to upgrade every single time a new phone comes out. The population's upgrade cycle is staggered throughout the year
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