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Careful out there! Most Android security apps are worthless against mobile malware.
Most Android security apps are worthless when it comes to protecting you against mobile malware, according to a new study. Read this blog post by Seth Rosenblatt on The Download Blog.
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John B
Lookout worthless? Geez CNET can you make more anti Android. Careful out there?
Dan O
Is there any harm in using one of the highly rated apps?
Lookout has been a big help to Google as far as I can tell, they really push hard to catch and eliminate problems, and forewarn people rather then scare them.
Isn't this what Google and Linux people have been saying for freaking ever, yet people refuse to bother understanding how malware works on linux systems and what best practices to follow to avoid it.
"Most Android security apps are worthless when it comes to protecting you against mobile malware, according to a new study."??? That doesn't appear to match the results of the study or even what is written in the body of the article.

I keep trying to remember why I put CNET into one of my Circles. I won't have ANY trouble remembering why I just took them out.
Keep in mind the testing wasn't done by CNET, so the results of the test are likely the best indication of what you should or should not be doing.
Antimalware software is mostly snake oil, even when it works as advertised. Once compromised, it's compromised. You can't trust the software on the device anymore. Time to hard reset and (hopefully) restore from known clean backup. One shouldn't think of security in terms of putting out fires, but proactively in prevention.
Is CNET owned by apple or are they just really just sheep fanboys?
+Paul Johnson the headline was written by CNET not AV-Test and I was referring to the poster who quoted the headline. People should read the actual report rather than relying on CNET's headline grabbing.
I wonder if you cannot say the same with pc anti-viruses. if you manage to find 41 anti-virus for pc, I guess you might state that most of them are innefective as well. Just thining out loud.
Crapware does exist in all platforms and flavours. The headline though as it is wriiten seems to suggest that there aren't good ones. If you go and read the article though you see there are a good handful of really good ones.
+Alexandre Xavier , you can absolutely say the same thing about PC antivirus software. If your machine is compromised, there is no magic fix short of reinstalling from scratch and restoring from a known to be clean backup. So it's kind of pointless to have more than a virus scanner and taking some proactive measures like not using the machine with Administrator privileges.
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