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Italy is launching a Ferrari-inspired high-speed train that will connect Milan, Rome and Naples in style.
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California seems to be the first place it is coming to. Just got more funding from the DOT. construction is supposed to begin this time next year and they hope to have it up and running in 2016.
OH, those Italians and their high speed rail!
Why can't Obama come up with an idea like this?
Oh, wait...
+avshalom hason Maglev technologies are in their infancy at best. It would be infinitely wore expensive, complicated, and time-consuming to construct a magnetic-levitation propulsion system than a traditional rail-based one.
A long train that goes really fast made by Ferrari? Talk about compensators...
Must say, looks stylish!
That said, with the current economic panorama of the European continent, I hope this train helps boost the economy with the faster flux of passengers and goods.
They went different shade of red, its more like Rosso Fiorano and just the nose is Rosso Corse = classic Ferrari shade. But i like it, will definitely take a spin on that baby next time i visit Italia ..
I'm from Italy and I can safely say that 80% of the population cannot afford to ride these things, and part of the remaining 20% is intelligent enough to travel by plane (which costs the same and takes less time). Fancy ass trains are a total waste of money expecially if their tickets cost twice as much as low-fare airplane tickets. That said, it looks kind of cool.
So, it is not a bullet train, a Ferrari train.
boy do we need one or two of these in Australia,Even a decent train system will do,
It must be a long train to connect all those cities
A ferrari train, cool!! Will it sound like a ferrari? Haha!
Cool, if you just ignore that the rest of the country is connected by the same trains we had in the 60s...
Hey where are our high-speed trains.....hey right big joke!
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