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HTC reckons people want thin phones more than they want phones with great battery life. Which is more important to you?
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Battery Life!! Why can't these phone makers understand this?!! It seems only Apple and Motorola get it
I've purchased spare batteries for all of my phones and have never used them. It's not thinness, but design.
Battery life is one of the more important points I take into consideration when looking for a new phone. Thinness is not.
Phones are tools. Battery life needs to be good enough that it can be forgotten when using the phone. With suitable battery .. other factors like thinness come into play.

HTC may do well with One X, but how many long term customers will they retain after this experiment.
I'd rather be impressed and able to show off the design and thinness of my phone rather then being able to say "hey look my phone lasted 2 days" especially since I've never had to go 2 days straight without a charger anywhere near me
2nd biggest problem with mobile devices....POWER

You need better batteries.
Battery life. Hence why i am trying to find a retailer for the Asus phone that has that pad for extra battery to give it a 63 hour battery and with the keyboard dock 106 hours
Want more battery please. So annoying how quick the battery goes on my Samsung Galaxy S II. JuiceDefender has helped a bit, but still.
Oh! Look how cool slim and awesome my phone looks but you can't surf the internet or make calls with it because THE BATTERY IS DEAD.
Plus there are ways to alter the battery life rather it be extended or extra battery, rooting, battery saving apps, etc but there's no way to alter a bulky phone at ALL....if you can't get a day outta ur phone no matter what phone you use your phone battery might not be the one with the problem I mean are you people using your phone in your sleep sheesh
For me, it's a bit of both. My Galaxy Note lasts the 12hr work-day but with nominal phone usage. I wish it would go till the end of the night when I have to finally plug it in. Fortunately, I've a Blackberry as backup which can be used in the evening if stepping out of the house.
Ben JC
I think we've reached a stage now where phones can remain sub 8-10mm thin / thick, and start increasing the battery life, with bigger batteries (incorporated via other space saving advancements) and improved power consumption (through software etc). I have a Samsung GS2 and after removing the case I used for a while, almost find it a little too thin for comfortable handling (i.e. without fear of dropping!)
The funny thing is once they start putting bigger batteries in these phones and the phones begin to get bigger people will start complaining and talking bout how they need to make phones thinner can please some of the people sum of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time
When your phone is power down, what is different of smart or idiot phone!
+Gerrell Blake Very true, At least they could do it like the Droid Razr Maxx and make a larger battery option. Would even be better if they released both at the same time
+Ody Mbegbu yea the razr maxx is the best of both worlds but we know the tech world can't stall so if that became the norm something would have to give cuz we as costumers are never satisfied so we would want an even bigger battery or even smaller phone but that's the gift and the curse of tech with the curse being having unpleaseable costumers with impossible standards of what they want
Battery life. Are you guys midgets? I have a Evo 3D and it easily fits in my pocket. What it doesn't do is last throughout the day.
Battery life!!! A mobile phone is supposed to be MOBILE
Both can be improved. I. Don't think that's a problem. Just companies don't push these updates to their phone, I'm not talking especially for HTC
Phones can stand to be a little thicker as long as we can get fantastic battery life. Motorola RAZR MAXX is a good example of it.
Battery life, without a doubt!
Give me battery life every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Next question please.
Thin phone equipped w/ Samsung's wireless charging technology.
Battery Life - NO Contest!!! It's such an inconvenience to carry a second battery or continuously charge throughout the day.
I certainly hope that the rest of the "One" series doesn't follow suit. (This means you HTC EVO 4g LTE!!!!)
Battery life, period. My HTC EVO 4G won't last a business day if it wasn't for Juice Defender.
Battery life. What's the point of going wireless if you have to worry about charging the phone?
GREAT BATTERY LIFE! Sorry I said that to loud! A phone is only as good as the life of it's juice!
And you wonder why HTC is loosing market share? Whoever is the HTC marketing idiot who said this out loud deserves to be fired. I bete this is the same "research" that told them that users want permanent capacitive buttons on ICS instead of on screen ones.

Where is a facepalm when you need one?
I need longer life! forget that slim junk!
I'm so glad HTC made this decision for me. I didn't know I wanted to not use my phone all the time and instead just marvel at how thin it is. I can't wait to not check my mail soon... But look how THIN!
Then make better batteries then,who wants a thin and not working phone...duh.
The new HTC one X battery can't be swapped out and I bet more will be like that.
Super-thin and thin are subjective terms. That being said, I LOVE how the Droid Razr has a max version for those willing to take a still thin phone, with greater battery. Offers something for all of us!
+Tim Baxter : I would never buy any phone that did not allow me to easily replace the battery --- without help or screwdrivers . Look at businesses that exist specializing in " iPhone battery replacement. " or build " iPhone Liberation Kits " to make it easier to take apart the iPhone to perform simple tasks like battery replacement.

As sharp as it is ( and I do like the iPhone technology ) this is one reason I never bought into the iPhone.

My existing phone has a decent battery, but I travel extensively, and enjoy having a charged and ready second battery that I can easily and quickly swap out.

Today's standard of bulky is ridiculous. I don't think a true bulky phone ( remember the old brick phones ) is in current production.

Force all to carry around the old bag phone from the 1990s for a few days, and maybe we can get some real perspective on " bulky ."
Lord please give me a phone that I don't have to charge every 90min.
I got a couple of 2500mAh batteries for my wifes HTC HD2 (1 of them HTCs own brand, till they took it off their online shops webpage!) and now it lasts more than all day (ie 12 hours) of heavy use away from the power point. That means its really a mobile phone.
I have a universal battery backup that way it can work with all my devices.I have a desk full of old batteries I don't use.So the the removable battery is no big deal for me.
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