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Looks like a phaser.  Yep.  Definitely a phaser.
it is nothing but our imagination going wild with the possibilities of hope
It might be a specific piece of a meteorite, that happens to shine a bit differently. Or...something else...hehehe
the grip of a Thark's weapon from the great wars of Barsoom between Red and Green Men.
faucet handle to turn the water on.
Need some Total Recall shit to start happening. 
Megaman Legends 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't pull it out! The whole universe will get sucked into it:o
Rob R
Imagine how awesome it would be if we found (friendly) Extra Terrestrial life out here in the Milky Way. Carl Sagan would be happy (if he was still alive)
nono looks like wall-e, yep wall-e head
Megatron's pull-start. Might want to leave this one alone
Look out Curiousity! The Martians are near!!
backing up backing up backing up my daddy taught me good
Curiosity littering or is it just falling apart already?
Its a meteor with large amounts of iron that shine in the light
The Martian's surveillance camera keeping an eye on you.
All this commotion about a piece of metal that's probably our own garbage anyway.
It's the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!!!
Look out!!  Light grenade on the ground!!
It's a piece of the Rover itself, as usual. 
a time machine in the sand
Tiny beads of condensation on the camera lens?
Prolly something that fell off Curiosity's delivery capsule.
That's normal
And engraved on it are the tiny numbers 4,8,15,16,23,and 42
So CNET managed to plug in some Apple marketing in totally unrelated news. /smh CNET, didn't know that you got this fat of a paycheck from the iGuys.
I think this is another tired attempt by +CNET to level up it's Pointless Journalism skill-tree, garner clicks for its website, and continue adverstising for Apple. Such a shame... 
Hot wheels model car. Next it will find the track.
Vein of ore that a previous river eroded around and left sticking out like we see here.
Nothing to see here folks. Just a piece of Minmatar starship armor plating. Most likely from a Maelstrom battleship.
Maybe a sonic screwdriver? Not the doctor.... How could he die! :-[ 
CNET, you've lost your journalistic integrity already, now you've sunk to a new low with tabloid-like headlines talking about hunks of metal on Mars.
Its the martian equivalent of a mattress tag... Don't pull it off under penalty of law.
+Dallas Graves I'm shocked that you actually expected CNET to be serious with journalism. That's like expecting a politician to be honest. Not going to happen.
Thor lost his hammer again. 
Possible that The Dr plugged The Blessing on Mars with that chunk of metal. 
A hunk of a lost Mars probe from the 70's? That'd be ironic.
Throw it in the thrash dude. Keep Mars clean!
Maybe we're stupid enough to believe in aliens!
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