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Will you be getting a PlayStation 4?
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Nope, waiting to compare for a Xbox 720 to make up my mind.
I'm going to wait to see what Microsoft comes out with. 
Yes, I will. I am a PlayStation gamer for eternity.
I might consider it after a year or so so they can work out all of the issues the system will no doubt have, don't wanna spend a small fortune on something that will quit in about six months. Sony and Microsoft both have this notoriousness on launch.
Yes! So far...
The Ps4 will stream games to the Ps Vita over your home network, and I just happen to have a Ps Vita... I have to see what Xbox offers also, but so far Playstation obviously has the edge at this moment. ;)
Eventually I'll get one, but not for a year or so.
+Brian Medina I was going to get an ouya because an android console is just what I want. It turns out the ouya is less powerful than my phone :(
+Cole Longó What phone do you have? The OUYA runs a special version of the T3 making it much better performance than a phone chip.
Who wouldn't? I'm so excited and then Idk what I would do with my PS3 and when the 720 comes out Idk what I'll do with my 360. I don't really want to sell them we've been through a lot together
+Nick Webster I'll have to wait and see. My S3 laggs while playing nova 3. So it will be a good benchmark for the ouya
+Cole Longó Defiantly. I've had pretty good experiences with the Tegra 3 and to see a modified (and overclocked) version in action will be interesting.
It's all about the games! PS3 was the most sophisticated computer to date when it first came out, but drunk Halo parties have create a subculture as well, we shall see.
Yup, bout the ps2 when it came out - let my ex take it when we broke up... Now I'm psless
Yes.and also the next Xbox.if they focus on games that is.
I was..then i remembered my PC.
No... I am happy with my m17x r3
Don't know. Currently its not generating much excitement. 
+Vinny Tuz yay good for you. I didn't know people still ppl played pc games besides Star wars and wwc
no,but my kids do.considering buying and putting together desktop pc with them instead
And let's not forget Xbox already has Xbox glass.
Are you talking about the controller because that's all I saw!
Nope, I have no interest in most of the offer in console games. Most of them are about the same. At least with PC games the offer is wider and more extended in time. I can still play games from the 1990s and early 2000s with my 2009 workstation as well as the most recent ones, and some of them at a greater resolution than in any game console to date. I regret the day that I bought a PS2. The console was OK, the problem are the games. They seem to have dumbed down the storyline (sometimes they seem to have been written by a 12-year old kid) and the gameplay to particularly appeal to the simple-minded people, like with the Hollywood movies of the last 20 years.
I was interested when there were rumors of android on it, but that Xbox glass like app is not doing it for me. Gonna stick with Xbox I think 
+Zephyr López Cervilla gameplay is supposed to be simple and seamless you genius! You're a joke. Crawl back to your pc. And playing on a keyboard is just retarded. I hope you at least have a comtroller of some sort. Can you even tell me of a pc game that has gameplay that is not "simple-minded"? Btw how can you pass judgment on console gameplay when you only played a few games on ps2? That just sounds dumb on its own. And if you really think all games on console are pretty much the same, you might just want to smack yourself
Not until I see what Xbox has to offer 
Probably not, but I'll wait and see what the next Xbox has to offer. 
Maybe, we'll have to see the price tag first.
If these folks are serious about killing used games and eliminating backwards compatibility for something as recent as my PS3 I'll go back to PC gaming.
I didn't get PS3 beause games lag, I hate lag, I won't make up my mind until I see the actual thing and how it plays games.
Yes.  I wants one.  Will I get one?  Likely won't be able to afford it for a while, if the pricing rumors are any indication.
Possibly buy I just got back on the sony train. Not a fan of it not being backward compatible. I can't go on their word as my Vita has not seen the love (titles, remote play, bioshock!) DEFINITELY not buying an Xbox I already learned my lesson from 2 RROD. I'll be smart and wait for them to be free of defects.
Jae Lim
Absolutely no
Probably not. My console gaming days are over. Not enough time at home to play on a PS4. so I guess I will stick to gaming rarely on Steam/D3/SC2 and watching streams on Twitch.
If they keep PS+ the same, absolutely. I love free games. 
From all the continuous good news ive been hearing yes, and a definite yes if Microsoft pulls the whole no used game move. Hoping they dont.
+Eddie PR don't worry. That kid mario is too poor to even buy a console. I bet you he never bought one
Coming Holiday season only to be delayed until March. 
+Eddie PR Why on earth would you pledge loyalty to any particular piece of plastic? Grow up and embrace new experiences. You sound like your parents.
Nope, not worth it yet. Let the early adopters pay full price.
No because I have a backwards write PS3 , I can play all the PlayStation games from PS1 to PS3 with no problem, and I'm loving it.....
Just if the new release of (MGS) Metal Gear Solid on the PS4. :)
Yes, I do. Anything from Sony, it means a great product and quality. :-) 
+Gavin Belarmino: "playing on a keyboard is just retarded"

- This will strongly depend on the kind of game. 

+Gavin Belarmino: "I hope you at least have a comtroller of some sort"

- The same controllers of the PS2 plus another wireless BT controller.

+Gavin Belarmino: "Can you even tell me of a pc game that has gameplay that is not "simple-minded"?"

- Sure:

MindRover: The Europa Project
Civilization (3, 4)
Tropico (Trilogy) 
Europa Universalis (1, 2, 3)
Europa Universalis Rome
Anno 1404
Rise of Nations 
Age of Empires (1, 2, 3) 
Empire Earth (1, 2)
Crusader Kings (1, 2)
The Stronghold (Collection)
Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom 
Immortal Cities: Children Of The Nile 
Pharaoh (+Cleopatra)
Age of Mythology 
Caesar 3 
Zeus: Masters of Olympus (+Poseidon)
Sid Meier's Pirates!
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri 
Sins of a Solar Empire (Trinity Ed.)
Starcraft (+Broodwar)
Sword of the Stars (Collection)
Imperium Galactica (1, 2) 
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident 
Galactic Civilizations (1, 2)
Space Empires (4, 5)
Homeworld (1, 2) 
Masters of Orion III 
Star Wars: Empire at War 
Black & White (1, 2) 
Defcon: Global War 
Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest 
Dungeon Keeper 2 
SimCity (3000, 4)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 
Railroad Tycoon 3 
Tycoon City New York 
Myst (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
URU: Ages Beyond Myst 
Populous: the Beginning 
King's Quest (Collection) 
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

+Gavin Belarmino: "how can you pass judgment on console gameplay when you only played a few games on ps2?"

- I haven't played yet with many of my PS2 games but I did my research before buying them (or not buying), I read many reviews and I watched their videos. In addition, some gamers have the habit to upload videos of their gaming sessions on YouTube, and I also had a look at some games that way. 

+Gavin Belarmino: "And if you really think all games on console are pretty much the same, you might just want to smack yourself"

- This argument is disingenuous. I didn't say they were the same but that they were about the same, that is, with similar goals and similar ways to play the game (shooters, RPGs, whatever). Superficially they may look different but essentially most of them are very much alike.
I'll buy just out of curiosity as I don't often play on my PS3. 
Ask me after I've seen Microsoft's next offering.  Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeve.
Andy Yu
I think a PC is enough.
No, yer alright PlayStation , building a PC with some good specs will beat the PS4 any day!
I will most likely end up buying it some time, but I think I'm going to wait for some months after its release when more games have come out, or I'll just get it for Christmas :D
I'll give you my answer after seeing what the next XBOX has to offer. Not particularly impressed with PS4 so far. 
+Joshua Leon I may get it , especially if it can play all my old PS2 & PS3 games. I have a lot of good classic games I like to go back too every now and again.... And at the same time I'm always up too advancements in technology in the gaming world.... And hopefully it will come with virus protection software, with all the onlining gaming and internet usage. .
+Joshua Leon So after reading more just now I thank I'm gonna pass and wait for the next-generation PS , it seems PS4 is geared for PC and online gaming only and I can use my powerful laptop for that....
I'd rather wait for what Microsoft has to offer with the upcoming Xbox. Sony demands a lot of money for everything when it comes to their gaming systems. I have a PS1, PS2 & a PS3 and the PS3 doesn't work because of an over heating issue of the graphics & memory chip. Never had that problem with any Nintendo Products or Xbox or Sega, Atari, Collecovision, you name it. I have lost my faith in Sony to create a console that will work for years of regualar game use without it breaking and costing half the purchase price to have fixed!!!!
I've only had 1 issue with the Xbox 360 and that was the sliding game tray. It didnt cost me anything to have it fixed besides time and I got 2 free months of Xbox live. This is just my opinion and that's what really matters is the "individual experience" gamer's have. If Sony & Microsoft would work out the bugs and issue's with their consoles before they release them to the public with huge price tags on them, then we wouldn't be having this discussion & cost wouldn't be an issue. I see it as an investment in my entertainment / free time and I enjoy shooting zombie's!
I'd have to see what all my friends get first, then try it out at their house and then buy it
I probably will, that or the Wii U since anything MS makes is crap.
B Ni Mi
I never liked Microsoft and I never will, so I'm getting the PS4
dom Hug
Yes but why so soon I can feel atleast two more yearrs in the ps3 
I would have to see what it looks like before i form a opinion
I hear folks saying "I'll wait a year or so while they fix the bugs".... Ummmm, there are still a ton of working 1st gen PS3's (aka Fatty) everywhere!! Sonys quality in gaming consoles is unsurpassed. So with that, Yes I will be get one, on day one, not matter what it cost.... Good day!
No. Xbox 720 all the way, double Xbox 720. Oh my god.
And I stood up the whole time to see this device
I want one...but it doesn't mean I will get one this soon
Ouya = Non core gamer...

Xbox, Ps3, and dare I say Apple console :D
Well of course I am since I can't play the exclusive titles anywhere else. I will be waiting for second gen hardware though and a price drop.
wanted that ps3 god of war bundle but looks like i might not go in
Depends on what Sony announces. I used to be a PS2 fan, but when the PS3 came out, NOT backwards compatible, that p!ssed me off. Now, the PS4? Time to change your tactics, Sony!
I hope it's not backwards compatible! This will keep the price down; therefore, increasing number of units sold, and increasing the Playstation social network user base! :D Good job, ditch backwards compatibility for the better, if anything they can emulate it like ps2 games and ps1 games on ps3, later on in its lifecycle.
Not as long as my ps3 meets my needs.
Yes I want one but in the distant future when it´s cheaper, with production errores fixed and with a great list of games.
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