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Which one is your most essential?
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never heard of any of these with the exception of iHeart which is nice
Pretty cool - had 3 of the 6. New to me was Advance Mobile Care - Very nice utility! 👍
If your really looking to dwell into Google and its content then their apps like Google Play Music, Movies, Magazines, and books are the way to go. So you can purchase books, movies and music and have them synced to your account and enjoy them on your device. Plus Google Currents is a great app to stay up to date with technology, news, and entertainment.
Love Snapseed but could care less about the others. Must be another paid app review column. 
Ive been using Falcon Pro since the first release. Its as good as advertised.
Been using android since the G1 and never needed any of these, another crap CNET post, seriously you guys need to try an actually report relevant stories again. At least tone down the story to 6 apps you may find interesting. 
cant find one reason to have any of this apps now. sorry
Is there an app that let's me know if CBS has censored content?
Tried to install Advanced Mobile Care but it isn't compatible with tablets...or at least not with my Infinity. "Five Android apps I couldn't care less about and one that won't work on my device." Fixed it.
I used to love reading articles from Cnet. They're almost off my feed now. 
"Apps you need now!" Ruzzle? Do I really NEED this?
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