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What swayed you? 

What made you buy the handset that you use?

Was it the brand, the company behind it, the operating system, the specs or a mixture of all of them. Ask yourself why you bought the phone you did and then consider the alternatives. Did you make a mistake or are you happy with the phone you bought?

Come on, tell us what you bought, why you bought it and how happy you have been with your choice because we are genuinely interested.

I will start you off- I own an iPhone 4S and a Google Nexus and I am more happy with the Nexus than the 4S for its large screen, battery life and general performance. The 4S is wonderful to use, but needs a hardware update and maybe we will see one coming soon.
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My previous phone was the Galaxy S2 but was compelled to purchase the Galaxy Nexus because of the screen resolution and the design and feel of the phone in the hand. No regrets, and with the update to 4.1.1, there's no phone on the market that will persuade me to part. ;-)
I went with the Galaxy Nexus because I was fed up of manufacturers and carriers taking forever to release the latest version of Android (LG Optimus 3D before the GN, that's still on 2.2!)
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